Anthony Boyd, Charged With Helping to Burgle Bishop Long’s Office With Two of His Accusers, Speaks Out

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You cannot say that Dale Russell isn’t on the case, but I’d sure like to see him interview Vanessa Griffin Long.  Instead, we have this young man who rather confirms Russell’s earlier view that the so-called heist over at Bishop Long’s office wasn’t his responsibility.   Anthony Boyd simply wants exoneration, as he claims that he wasn’t present at the burglary, and so the charges against him cannot stand.  What is more, he thinks that the other young men got off light because of what they knew about Long.

This was from WSB-TV in Atlanta:

He said he had no reason to break into Long’s private office inside the church and risk losing his security job there. He said [Maurice] Robinson and Anthony Flagg, who were close friends, did have a motive. Three months after the break-in, they and two others filed sex abuse lawsuits against Long.

“Basically, they were just trying to get evidence to further the case or the investigation ‘cause [their attorney, B.J.] Bernstein said she couldn’t take on the case unless they get more evidence. So that’s when they burglarized the church, stole the iPad, iPhone and the jewelry,” said Boyd.

Boyd said he learned about the stolen items from detectives when they questioned him about letting Robinson upstairs the day before the burglary. He said he thought Robinson was going to get the bishop’s laundry.

“Did you break into that church?” [reporter Jodie] Fleischer asked. “No I did not,” said Boyd.

“Did you have anything to do with the break-in?” Fleischer asked. “No, I did not,” Boyd responded.

“Is there any chance you are on that videotape?” Fleischer asked.“None whatsoever,” said Boyd.

“And how do you know that?” Fleischer asked. “Cause I wasn’t there,” said Boyd.

Long asked then-District Attorney Gwen Keyes Fleming not to prosecute the case. Flagg was never charged because prosecutors said they lacked evidence against him. Robinson is participating in a pretrial diversion program.

A spokesman for current District Attorney, Robert James, says Boyd was offered the same program, but declined. Boyd told Fleischer he could not afford the program and refused to admit to something he didn’t do.

“The only thing I want done is to have Maurice Robinson, Anthony Flagg and the other guy to appear in court on the 28th just to let them know that I wasn’t involved. They already done said that I didn’t have anything to do with it,” said Boyd.

Understandable that this young man wants to clear his name.  Also, by having this interview, he’s trying to coax Flagg and Robinson to appear in court and support him.  I hope that they do, with a minimum of fuss (word to you, news media), and not allow Boyd to twist slowly in the wind for a crime that he says that he did not commit.  When Bishop Long gave him a job as a security guard at his church, Boyd said it was one of the happiest days of his life.  A former member, he too saw Long as a father figure, and felt that he was well-taken care of at the church.  Now his reputation and his livelihood as well as his future are in jeopardy.

What isn’t said, however, is what he thinks about Long in the wake of the settlements.  Boyd, however, states that he believes the young men’s stories of sexual abuse.  However, no one is yet willing to say, at least on camera, who was “the other guy” involved in the burglary if Boyd isn’t the perpetrator.

Anthony Boyd’s case takes place at the end of this month.  Let’s see what develops.  This ain’t over by a long shot; like Russell says near the close of his spot, “This thing keeps on going.”

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5 Responses to “Anthony Boyd, Charged With Helping to Burgle Bishop Long’s Office With Two of His Accusers, Speaks Out”

  1. I’m not sure why DR missed it, but I am wondering why Boyd put himself on tv like that with 2 pending burglary charges. He sounds like a decent kid on tape, but there’s plenty of folks down here that you would never expect to break the law – school superintendents, sheriffs, mayors, etc.


    • Is this a leg pull?

      Russell should have mentioned the second burglary charge and DUI. It could be that Boyd went off the deep end with the second one and drinking and driving. After all, this is yet another young black man that Long “saved.” Perhaps this is to paint Boyd as positively as possible to get him off as easily as the other two did at the behest of Bishop Long. Which means that DR has a modus operandi.


      • But EL never asked the DA to let Boyd off – only Flagg. Robinson & Boyd were charged right off the bat. I think the complaint is that Boyd let Robinson and whomever else in ( probably while he was working security). EL may have went to bat for Flagg if he had the most evidence against him. I tweeted DR and asked him why he did not report about Boyd’s other charges. It could just be sloppy work – I have seen Fox5 “forget” things they have reported before so I am not too surprised. I remember a bank robber/murderer who had been interviewed by Fox5 in a positive light some months earlier. Fox5 never made the connection until I reminded them.


  2. Dale Russell didn’t do a thorough job investigating Boyd. He has another pending burglary case from this year, making it his 2nd charge and a possible dui. Even if the DA drops last year’s case against him, he has another one pending which does not make him look so pure and innocent.


    • Oh.-oh. True that if that second burglary charge sticks.

      So what do you think was Russell’s motive in ignoring this aspect–that Boyd already has a tendency to burgle? The church burglary happened last year, didn’t it? Was he caught stealing because he didn’t have a job any more? Something to think about…


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