It’s Father’s Day, and Daughters Need Their Dads Just As Sons Need Their Dads

I mean, seriously. I like the idea of men being proactive with their sons, but this kind of talk and activity has predominated for the better part of several decades. Daughters need their dads as well. Let’s face it, we need parents in equal measure contributing to the successful raising of children.   Children need dads, but also not verbally, mentally and physically abusive dads; alcoholic and druggie dads; chronically-unemployed and unskilled dads, dads who are still children themselves.  Ultimately, we need dads who feel a calling to raise up the best people–men and women–imaginable.

One You Tube respondent said her childhood was full of memories of her dad at times singing the below song to her and her sisters, thrilling them to their heart’s core. A dad is the first man in a girl child’s life. Don’t disappoint her.

Hope your childhoods, your teen lives and your adulthood has been full of good memories and good feelings about your dads, fathers, daddies, and papas.

~ by blksista on June 19, 2011.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by and reading my Father’s Day Tribute…I had to come over to your blog…and I’m so glad I did. Your post was heartfelt and sent a message we all need to hear and respond to.


    • Um, I didn’t stop by until your message. I merely linked it using a WordPress embed because the title looked good. Good luck with your blog.


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