President Obama: Baby Whisperer

This is hilarious.

The President was meeting the public along with the First Lady recently, and while Michelle held the child of a constituent and the President spoke to her, the baby would not stop crying.  The mother, however, wanted a photo of the baby with the President or the First Lady, but Michelle handed the rebellious child over to President Obama, resulting in…quiet.  That’s all the baby had wanted, to be held by President Obama, the guy getting so much attention from the grown-ups.  Or perhaps, it was his aftershave.

Babies may not know how to talk yet, but they can signal their displeasure or elation and what they want and don’t want.  This occasion is evidence of that.

The kicker is Michelle’s mock-shock expression followed by the superior air assumed by the President, also known as The First Daddy of Sasha and Malia.  Very humorous and humanizing.  Only the most fanatical wouldn’t think so.

~ by blksista on June 22, 2011.

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