Jamal Parris, One of Bishop Long’s Accusers, Busted in Florida for Pot Distribution and Possessing a Firearm (w/Update)

UPDATE (9:01 p.m., 6/30/11):

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, there is more about the arrest of Jamal Parris.  Like the name of the cop and who was with Parris at the time.

Sgt. Seth Dubinsky stopped the car. When he approached it, he smelled marijuana, he told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Thursday.

Dubinsky searched the car and said he found 181 grams of marijuana, which is worth about $1,000 on the street. He said he also found 50 clear plastic baggies and a Taurus semiautomatic handgun. He said Parris also was carrying $1,250 in cash.

The gear was “indicative of a drug dealer,” Dubinsky said. Parris was arrested and jailed. He was charged with two felony counts: possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and possession of a firearm while committing a felony. He also was charged with operating a motor vehicle with no registration, a misdemeanor. It was unclear late Thursday whether he was still in custody.

The car was seized, and passenger Jeremy Jouvanni Gordon, 20, of Miami was arrested on a drug paraphernalia charge.


Parris, who is still using his Stockbridge address, immediately demanded a lawyer Tuesday, but still said a few things to Dubinsky.

“He kept telling me he bought that BMW with the settlement money,” Dubinsky said. Parris also told the cop he’d been accepted to Miami-Dade College. “He said, ‘you guys are getting the wrong impression of me.'”

Uhuh, “wrong impression.”  Young brother, you need help.  Lots of it.  I think that you’d better get right, some kind of way.  And sooner rather than later.


Jeezus. SMDH. One of the most credible witnesses around regarding the Bishop Eddie Long case, and he trips and falls on his own sword doing wrong.

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From Dale Russell at MyFoxAtlanta:

Jamal Parris was considered by many to be the pivotal player in the Bishop Eddie Long lawsuits. He was the oldest of the young accusers and the only one to publicly provide lengthy, in-depth details of the allegations. Now, Parris finds himself back in the spotlight again.

About one month after the Bishop Long case was settled with money paid to the four young men , a Florida Highway Patrol trooper arrested Parris and charged him with felony count of marijuana distribution and use of firearm during commission of a felony. The arrest took place in Miami Beach, where the I-Team is told Jamal Parris has been living for the past three weeks.

According to the arrest report obtained by the I-Team, around 6:28 p.m. on Tuesday, Parris was driving a 2011 BMW 328i when a trooper noticed a weathered temporary tag. The trooper “smelled a strong and distinct odor of marijuana.”

The report says Parris told the trooper he had a “firearm in a bag” in the back seat. The officer wrote that he found the gun and “50 small clear zip lock bags” consistent with selling pot.

The report says that Parris had “$1,251” in cash in his pocket. In the trunk, officers found “181 grams” “of “suspected marijuana.” The trooper felt all the evidence was “indicative of a drug dealer.” Parris was arrested and bonded out later that night.

According to sources close to the case, Parris had moved to Miami to “attend Miami Dade College” and had already registered for school. He “bought a handgun in Atlanta for protection.” The BMW was paid for with “money from the Long settlement.”

Parris has told friends he just wanted to finish college in Miami.

Will the college accept him now with this on his record? Parris had the right idea going back to school, but becoming a dope dealer? Did he think that he was starring in some kind of movie, living large? He sure didn’t need the extra cash, just as he didn’t need the Beamer. He cannot afford fritter away all that good going to court all the time, because from now on, the cops are going to be watching him. Who did he think he was, above it all like Bishop Long?

Like I said, these young men need counseling–psychological as well as spiritual–and above all, they need to keep their heads down, stay out of trouble, and get on with being positive about their lives.

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  1. Parris now says that his recent arrest is due to his problems with Eddie Long. I think he had that answer already prepared in case he got caught. I’m not saying that the abuse didn’t occur, it’s just so convenient to use that for every wrong decision you make from this point on. Here you are caught with a gun, a load of weed, money and you make this comment: “You caught me with bud? Look at the sign of sexual abuse victims. What’s the very first sign on any website you’ll see? Alcoholism drug abuse,” Definitely sounds like a packaged BS answer to me.


    • No, I doubt whether Parris’ reply was prepackaged. Many victims of abuse, as well as those soldiers who have suffered in war, have several things in common. One is that they use anti-social behavior, abuse of drugs and alcohol, and even overeating and driving too fast and dangerously on the road, as a means of escape. That Parris realized that he had to submit to therapy, whether court-ordered or not, means that he’s got to start on the road to recovery right now or else.


  2. Hmmmmmm… Don’t mess with Gods people. Think about it!


    • Eddie Long is a reprobate. He is not anointed. He is a con artist & a predator. Keep on following the devil. You see where your tithes are going – to pimp young men and eventually drugs in the community.




    • I hope no one else of the four gets into trouble; that is NOT what they need. Let this be a wake up call for the others to clean up their acts. Parris said he had just been accepted into school, but there are no excuses for what he is accused to have embarked on. As I said below, if Long was their father figure, then he taught them nothing, and neither did New Birth.


    • Hopefully it won’t take much longer for EL’s evil doings to catch up to him.


  4. People often reap what they sow… Cant say if this is a direct result of the lawsuit, but-if you pay close attention- peoples accusations are usually parallell with their lifestyle. Dont get me wrong you do have people who are victims of things way out of their control, but more often than not, people fall victim to their own environment and/or lifestyle…


    • …like what Eddie Long taught them regarding the lifestyle he gave them? If he was their father figure as well as their abuser, he sure didn’t teach them one thing.


    • Yes, the sheeple who paid tithes at New Birth which any fool can tell has nothing to do with God or Jesus – their money went to buy EL a mansion, Bentley, muscle T’s, bodyguards and houses, cars & jewelry for the young men not to mention settling a sexual misconduct suit in the tens of milllions, which then goes to drugs in the community. Yes, sheeple, you reap what you sow. Keep on sowing your tithes in these obviously fake churches and to these fake prophets/self proclaimed bishops and you will see the fruits of your harvest plain as day.


  5. SMH. Did you hear Anthony Boyd showed up to court in a caddy limo with a new lawyer ? I can’t decide if one of the boys hooked him up or EL.


    • We’ll figure that one out when and if Bishop Long is called as a witness and has to testify…


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