It Was Never About Caylee Anthony

I’ve been working and have been resting up, so that’s part of the reason why I haven’t been posting articles.  However, the culmination of the trial of the decade, that of Casey Anthony for the murder of her daughter, Caylee Anthony, has moved me to write.  The verdict, though, has raised the possibility of Casey Anthony walking for time served on Thursday.  And I don’t like that, for reasons far more different than those given by onlookers and the likes of Nancy Grace.

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I did not follow this case very closely, but I was expecting that the jury would give Anthony manslaughter for child abuse at the very least.  Earlier, it did not appear to me that the prosecution was doing very well in their pursuit of the case, when I saw footage of some of the proceedings.  The defense succeeded, I think, in making Casey’s parents, retired police officer George and wife Cindy, look like accessories to hiding the body of the little girl, whom José Baez and Co. believe accidentally drowned in the family pool.  However, I do not think that this explains everything about what may have happened, and frankly, I reject the defense’s suggestion.

I think, though, that had Caylee drowned in the pool, and they had immediately called the cops and paramedics, Casey Anthony would have been given a slap on the wrist for what happened.  And even if the child had been  accidentally chloroformed or sedated to death while her mom partied hard into the night, Casey Anthony would have been convicted of child abuse, but not murder, and spent some time in jail.

So why weren’t the authorities alerted at once in either case?  Especially when George Anthony was a retired police officer (in some instances, he is described as being a former homicide inspector and even a crooked one besides from Ohio)?  If you’re a cop, you stay a cop even after you’ve retired or resigned.  Suspicion would still have been his middle name.  Even if Caylee had been abducted by a nanny or babysitter?  What was the payoff if George Anthony had assisted his daughter in covering up Caylee’s death?  The defense did not offer this, other than the possibility that George Anthony had molested Casey, and that to cover up his complicity, he helped his daughter cover up Caylee’s death as part of a cycle of secrecy.

Sorry, but I don’t buy that one either.  It is obvious that the grandparents, despite their faults, loved this baby.  Casey allegedly told her mother Cindy time and again that she didn’t want Caylee.  My feeling is that  George and Cindy should have adopted Caylee, and given their daughter a deadline to choose where she wanted to go next to conduct her own life, but this did not happen.  Could this be because the Anthonys wanted Casey to lie in the bed she had made for herself?  At one point, a distraught George Anthony tried to commit suicide, leaving a five-page letter explaining his actions.  I think that the Anthonys were also possibly paralyzed by the very idea that their own daughter would turn out to be a murderous felon, and this is why they went out of bounds to protect her–against  that possibility and even their better judgment.

The fact that Casey Anthony consistently lied about her daughter’s whereabouts, and that she partied hard without a care in the world about Caylee’s fate should have alerted the jury that something was wrong according to the timeline and description of incidents that the prosecution offered.  Unfortunately, because of the passage of time, and the swampy environment where Caylee’s remains was found, no one could ascertain how the little girl died.  I think that this was a big hole  for both the prosecution and the defense to explain.  The duct tape on her nose and mouth also did not support suffocation or drowning.  I think, though, that the defense was more effective in suggesting something that would fit that hole, starting with the photo of Caylee showing that she knew how to open the screen door that led to the swimming pool area.  However, that effectiveness merely presents possibility, something that the jury should not have bought, despite the circumstantial, but more convincing evidence brought by the prosecution.

I’ve heard commentators today say that the jury did not say Casey Anthony was innocent, only that she was not guilty.  Sorry, but I heard that excuse regarding O.J. Simpson.  In the eyes of the public, this jury exonerated Casey Anthony for complicity in the death of her child.  If I was one of the members of the jury, I would be keeping my head down from now on and for years to come.  The Anthony family is shattered beyond recognition over the accusations Casey Anthony’s defense team raised about her father and brother; her mother may be prosecuted for perjury.  On HLN, Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch is considering a lawsuit against Casey, the Anthonys, and José Baez for his statement that Caylee was never missing and that the Anthonys were covering it all up.  Miller had spent over $112,000 and had turned away dozens of people who had approached him for help finding loved ones because all resources were being expended in Florida, to no avail.   Even he thinks that the Anthonys knew more than what they were letting on, and that they never mentioned Caylee at all, only Casey.

Above all this wreckage, Casey Anthony stands to be released from custody tomorrow with nowhere to go.  She cannot go home.  She may have to leave the state of Florida and even change her name, so notorious a citizen she is.    Who would even party with someone who may have murdered her little daughter?  Mommies all over the United States hate her.

So Casey’s going free now.  Free from being a mommy, and even free from being with her family.  If this is the price of freedom, however, she is going to find out quickly that it was not worth Caylee’s death.

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  1. thanks for all that u do


  2. She is a sociopath and her parents knew that had a “bad seed” child. They were in a sense afraid of her. Cindy coddled her and George was a bit more strict. This is what made her angry.
    She had been stealing from her mom and grand dad for years ,but Cindy would not prosecute her. She had a fight with her mom the night before, and her kid goes missing the day she is to move in with her boyfriend. It should be against the law NOT to report your missing child. There was enough evidence to convict her of murder ,but this jury refused to do so. There are people in jail with less evidence


  3. She’s a psychopath who will undoubtedly kill again. Just a matter of time.


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