The Recall Season Begins in Wisconsin And You Don’t Have to Show Voter ID Yet for These Elections Starting Tuesday, July 12

March 12, 2011

From the streets to the ballot box. Don't forget to vote today (Courtesy: Sue Peacock via Flickr)

Yes, the recalls are upon us now, and the outcome this summer may throw out a few of Governor Walker’s Republicans and ensure a narrow Democratic majority in the Wisconsin Legislature.

Unfortunately, six Democratic challengers will also face six “protest” candidates today, July 12, in the primary. These “protest” candidates are not Democrats but are Republicans. The GAB, or the Government Accountability Board, allowed for these candidates when the recalls for Democrats turned out to have been fraudulently gathered, thus forcing a primary. So it is important for Wisconsinites to know and vote the difference. We don’t need any more Walker puppets; we need people who are going to stop Walker’s juggernaut in its tracks. In other words, vote a real Democrat to go against the Republican incumbent.

Plus, if you don’t possess a current Wisconsin ID or driver’s license at this time, you can still vote. This is no joke. As a resident of Wisconsin, you will be required in the elections of 2012 to have a Wisconsin ID or driver’s license. I’ll talk more about this in the next couple of articles, but don’t be put off by the recent passage of the voter suppression ID bill. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, a black single mom, or a senior citizen: you can vote in this election. Do not allow anyone to change your mind. If you are listed on the rolls, you can vote. Check and see whether same day registration is still in force. Get out there today and vote your interests.

Tuesday’s primary is for the August 9 general election. These are the real Democratic challengers below.  Don’t vote for anyone else on the ballot.  Dane County is unaffected by this primary.

District 2: Nancy Nusbaum (D) to go against Robert Cowles (R).

District 8: Sandra Pasch (D) to go against Alberta Darling (R).

District 10: Shelly Moore (D) to go against Sheila Harsdorf (R).

District 14: Fred Clark (D)  to go against Luther Olson (R).
(I am holding my nose about Clark. Baraboo Dem Clark shot himself in both kneecaps with that voice mail message to a constituent, and in his being chased down to pay two years’ worth of child support.  He’s made himself the issue, not Olson.)

District 15: Jessica King (D) to go against Randy Hopper (R).
(Hopper was the guy whose estranged wife and housekeeper both signed recall forms; he’s been in bed for several months with a lobbyist who also recently landed a state job, no doubt through his efforts. According to Mrs. Hopper, he hasn’t been living in the district for a while.  As a result, Hopper’s been in hot water for months, and it isn’t hot tub water either.)

District 32: Jennifer Shilling (D) to go against Dan Kapanke (R).
(Kapanke’s going down; the Wisconsin State Journal said Sunday, July 10, that he was trailing badly.)

Vote early and vote fearlessly.

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