News From That Other Royal Family, The Grimaldis of Monaco: The Almost Runaway Bride and The Groom Just Going Through The Motions

Compared to Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, and her consort, Prince William of Wales, whose marriage appears to be the most real and genuine royal relationship yet, at least publicly, this newly-minted pair from the House of Grimaldi leave much to be desired as models of heterosexual marriage.  Ya know, I predict an annulment quicker than this girl producing the much-needed legal royal heir to the Grimaldi throne.   Because it is becoming evident that Their Serene Highnesses, the Prince and Princess of Monaco hate each other.  No one can mistake the royal couple’s discomfort with each other, even though the latest excuse has to do with logistics during the honeymoon.

Not too surprising considering the bride supposedly tried to flee three times, but newlyweds Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock don’t appear to be all that blissful on their honeymoon. A fantastically British ABC News correspondent describes Wittstock as appearing to be “sucking on a lemon” in all the photos, and there are indeed some amusingly awkward pictures flashed through the report. Even worse: They’re apparently sleeping in separate beds, and even spent one night entirely apart.

Amazing that this was the other royal wedding that everyone was anticipating.  Prince Albert would settle down and stop sowing wild oats all over Europe and the United States, and marry this blonde from one of the whitest, fixated-on-purity populations in the world.  To be sure, Rhodesian (Zimbabwe)-born Charlene Wittstock didn’t look like another Grace Kelly; I mean, no one will ever equal that woman in looks and in class.  The only thing that his sainted mother and this woman have in common is that they are blonde.  Otherwise, the ordinary person reading People or other mags knew little or nothing about her (she was a competitive Olympic swimmer), or even how they met (at a swim meet in 2000).  It was just that he had finally popped the question last June, and that they were getting married.  Her dad even looked forward to moving to Monte Carlo with his family, disparaging South Africa’s high crime rate.

Well, a few weeks before the wedding, Charlene heard that Albert was about to produce not one but two more out-of-wedlock children with two more unknown women, resulting in four children before he even got to the altar to say the vows.  This is from Newser:

Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, now 19, the natural daughter of Prince Albert II of Monaco by Tamara Rotolo; she has recently taken her father’s name (Courtesy: Mad for Monaco)

[…] Charlene Wittstock was reportedly stopped by cops just last week at an airport in France, where she was about to head to her South African home on a one-way ticket. Now pals say that was only the most recent in a string of runaway bride attempts by the Olympic swimmer, who’s not too keen about her prince’s wandering ways, notes the Telegraph. She even tried to seek refuge in the South African embassy in Paris while visiting there in May, but her passport was confiscated, and she was persuaded to go ahead with the ceremony. Some secretive “arrangement” was worked out that convinced Wittstock, 33, to marry the 53-year-old prince.

The prince is known to be a serial bedder, and has at least two out-of-wedlock children—one with an American real estate agent and another with a Togolese flight attendant. It was the revelation that he has a third and likely a fourth out-of-wedlock child that drove his long-time love to the nearest airport, several French newspapers have reported. “Even if a third or even a fourth child is confirmed, Albert will not have an official heir until Princess Charlene bears him one,” said a palace spokesman in an appallingly weak attempt to soothe the new princess. Al should keep a close eye on his bride during the honeymoon. They’ll be in her home in South Africa, and it might be tough to drag her back on the plane in full view of the public.

Alexandre Coste, natural son of Albert II of Monaco, with his mother, Nicole Coste of Togo, in an early photograph. The boy is now about seven years old. (Courtesy: La Princessa World)

Well, the Monagasque palace confirmed July 3 that there is at least one more child whose paternity will be confirmed by DNA as soon as Albert returns to Monaco (and I wouldn’t put it past him that there may be another).  He has two other children, the biracial Alexandre Coste, now almost seven, who lives in France (just up the road) with his mother, and Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, 19.  None of these children can inherit the principality of Monaco unless Albert marries one of their mothers.  His late father Prince Rainier III made sure of that, especially after Albert produced a black illegitimate male child.  Albert showed no inclination at the time of Rainier’s death in 2005 towards legitimate matrimony, and the old man was concerned about the possibility of the Grimaldi family dying out without a legitimate heir.  If Albert does not produce a child with Charlene, his older sister, Princess Caroline, and then her grown son, Andrea Casiraghi, would inherit the throne through the female line.

Said the British Daily Telegraph:

In the new claims reported in the JDD (Le Journal du Dimanche), the newspaper quoted Monaco “policy advisors” among those discussing “two illegitimate children – one already born, the other to come” and the Princess trying to “escape three times”.

The sources said that when Charlene visited Paris in May to try on her white-silk Armani wedding dress she “took refuge” in the South African embassy.

Later that month she also tried to escape during the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix, they alleged. Then, last week, she allegedly had her passport confiscated en route to Nice airport via the helicopter service which runs between regularly between Monaco and France.

Senior police officials were reported to have confirmed the passport confiscation to Le Figaro newspaper last week.


French magazine Public has attributed ‘two new illegitimate children’ to Albert. One is said to be 18 months old and the son of an Italian woman who is preparing to tell all.

Others, including Voici, have suggested that Ms Coste could have had a second Albert baby – an idea which gained credibility on Thursday when the 40-year-old beauty was pictured in Monte Carlo on the eve of Albert and Charlene’s marriage.

Little Alexandre Coste today; this photo appears that it was shot at an airport (Courtesy: Sip With Socialites)

Jeezus.  Nicole Coste again?  After Albert claimed that there was no way he was going to marry her? But it appears that the prince and the former stewardess continue to have a close relationship.

Now really, Albert could have invited her and his son to be low-key spectators at the wedding; after all, he did promise that he would be present in the lives of the boy as well as his daughter Jazmin Grace, and that when they were older, they could come and live in Monaco with him.   He’s not a complete dog.

However, if it is true that Nicole Coste is pregnant again by Prince Albert, that news would be rich.  Rich. If it is true, it would seem that one more time for old times sake may have been one too many times. At any rate, it’s no wonder, according to the reports, that Charlene pitched a bitch and made a beeline for all the exits she could find.

You know, there are some men who are just not made for marriage.  Prince Albert II could be one of those men.  (His father, unfortunately, cheated on Princess Grace time and again, until she created her own life and was suspected of even having a couple of lovers after her childbearing years were over.)  If Princess Charlene feels that she cannot go on with the hypocrisy, I’m sure she will be given a rich payday that would allow her and all her family to live in Monaco for the rest of their lives in comfort and money.

Then again, she and Albert could eventually work it out.   She births the legitimate heir and a spare, and he continues to hound around to his heart’s content.  But what a life.  Diana, Princess of Wales couldn’t deal with Camilla Parker-Bowles; can you imagine a woman these days blinding herself to her husband’s creeping and making baby mamas all over?  It is simply not done any more.

Well, there were better fashions at this wedding, but that’s about the size of it.  I’m sure we’re gonna hear a lot from this royal couple in the weeks to come, unless they come to an understanding, or meet some marriage counselors pronto.

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