That “That’s For Babies” Cheerios Commercial

Hey look, we’ve all been there and done that.

We were three or four or five years old a while ago.  We thought we were sufficiently grown, that we didn’t need to be coddled, that we were big kids.  Whatever big meant.  Our parent(s) present(s) us with something, or some cartoon is on TV that we used to like, or food we used to eat like mad, and we go, that’s for babies.

I mean, look how little girlfriend is dressed.  She looks like mommy used to look, like the second coming of Pat Benatar or Joan Jett.  They both sport the same Egyptian-type hair bob with the bangs.  You cannot tell little chicks like this that this look is about 30 plus years old.  At least, not yet.  But she looks like mommy, who is grown, and that’s what this little girl wants to be.

Now who is she?  Actually, this child may be two childrenMost people think that she is the little girl who played Rachel Cuddy on House.  That character was played–as always–by twins, Kayla and Rylie Colbert.  When I say as always by twins, people don’t realize that the entertainment industry normally uses young twins in films, TV series and in this case, TV commercials.  By California law, there is a time limit when children can be utilized during the day; and when one child falls asleep, is hungry, or rejects what the actors are doing, and etc. during takes,  the director uses the other, lookalike child–or baby–for a fresher approach.

I note too that this is not Chocolate Cheerios or Honey Nut Cheerios or any of the other sugar bomb Cheerios cereals that are usually promoted to kids on Saturday mornings and have recently come under criticism by nutrition groups.   (Just to let you know, several ad agencies are contributing to a campaign to promote Honey Nut Cheerios as “America’s favorite cereal.”  The campaign began July 4.)  This is just straight Cheerios.  Add sugar or any artificial sweetener or not, and then milk, moo cow or soy.

Let me say this:  I enjoy straight Cheerios, even now.  I don’t reassure myself that it will help my heart as much as a bowl of steel-cut oatmeal, but when it’s steaming hot weather or late at night, and I don’t care for preparing something heavy or warm,  it fills the bill.

I also enjoyed, as a child:  Kellogg‘s OKs, which was promoted by Yogi Bear in a kilt and Hanna-Barbera.  Then there was Twinkles, another General Mills cereal sugared and shaped like stars, and a cartoon magic orange elephant with a story on the back of the box; and all the other Cheerios imitators during the Fifties and Sixties that are no longer manufactured because Cheerios, made by the Big G with little ohs, pushed them out of the way and survived it all.

Too bad dry cereals cost so much at the supermarket as well as being loaded with sugar.  But Cheerios seems to occupy a happy medium.

~ by blksista on July 14, 2011.

3 Responses to “That “That’s For Babies” Cheerios Commercial”

  1. That little girl(s) is the WORST actress!


  2. Thank you for the info on the lil girl/s that are on the “That’s for babies commercial, but I have one more question. The girl who plays mom, is that really their mother? She looks SO much like them. Not only the hair bob, but her facial features as well. I have been wondering for a while now. Do you know? if so please post, I will check back. thank you 🙂


  3. I found your blog while looking for that commercial. That little girl cracks me the hell up!

    I remember Twinkles and OK’s!!! So nom! I agree with you, dry cereals are so expensive. I rarely buy them, and if I do, then I buy it in the bags so it lasts forever!

    I do the same as you on a hot night. I live in Arizona and most nights, I do cold sandwiches, cooled pasta or something light. Until winter, of course, which is really spring here… lmao….. I too, enjoy a nice bowl of Cheerios to fill my belly.

    Happy Gliding!



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