Ya Know, After All This, Rodney King Oughta Have His Driver’s Licence and His Freedom Taken Away for Drunk Driving

Rodney King's mugshot, July 13, in Moreno Valley, California. The cops arrested him again on a DUI charge. Just when are they going to relieve him of his driver's license? When someone dies as a result of him getting behind the wheel? (Courtesy: GossipOnThis)

I’ve been resisting talking about this fool.  He fills me with both disgust and sadness. And no wonder.  Rodney King was arrested again a couple of days ago on a DUI charge, and frankly, if brother-man had been in Wisconsin pulling that bullcrap, his ass would have been in the slam on the third violation.  Why don’t these idiots take his driver’s license away and put him in jail?  Are they waiting for him to kill somebody?

This is from the L.A. Times yesterday:

Rodney G. King Jr. was free on bail Wednesday after being arrested in Moreno Valley on suspicion of driving under the influence.

King, 46, was the subject of the infamous videotaped beating by Los Angeles police in March 1991 that resulted in four officers being tried. Their acquittal led to the 1992 Los Angeles riots.

Since then King has had a number of run-ins with police across Southern California on a variety of allegations, including domestic violence.

Riverside County authorities said deputies stopped King on Tuesday on Frederick Street after he was seen committing numerous vehicle violations as he drove.

When deputies spoke to King, he appeared to be under the influence and was arrested.

He was taken to jail and was later released on $2,500 bail, records show.

King recently appeared on VH1’s “Celebrity Rehab,” trying to tackle his fight with alcoholism.

When I read OC Weekly‘s account of the arrest that described Rodney King as a civil rights martyr, I was ticked off.  No, Rodney King was not a civil rights martyr like Martin King or Medgar Evers or Reverend James Reeb were civil rights martyrs.  That is an insult.

And it wasn’t just King himself that black folks were upset about at the time.  Rather, it was the fact that black folks, drunk or sober, innocent or guilty, were being beaten up bloody by cops on a daily basis all over the United States, and now it was recorded on Sony video cam for the whole world to see. Rodney King symbolized this dilemma. Those who had been on the bad end of a baton and/or a taser felt those blows and that anger once more.  Black folks were not necessarily okaying King committing the crime of getting in his car drunk and still don’t.   We don’t need to meet his likes on a freeway crossing the double yellow line, either.  Cops should simply keep their hands off people except to subdue (without strangulation or shooting) and handcuff the fools and put them in the slam where they belong.  No ifs, ands or buts about it.  That’s doing their jobs.

On top of it, beating up someone especially about the head under the influence of alcohol or drugs makes them even worse mentally.  If there are deficits from prolonged alcohol abuse, imagine how it is when you’re constantly in recovery from several nightsticks/batons and tasers on your head and body for 15-20-30 minutes.  Their judgment and decision-making, if not their behavior, is further impaired and altered.  That mythology about black people’s heads being hard, and that we recover easily from torture or accidents is another piece of racist bullcrap taken as gospel by certain kinds of cops and individuals.  I’ve accidentally fallen and cracked my skull bloody against a wall once, and it took me several days to recover.  This episode does not justify the attack on him in 1991 at all.  Rather, it makes me wonder why in hell law enforcement continues to pick him up and dust him off, thus enabling him and his addictions.

The Los Angeles Times‘ opinion staff, in their response to this latest event, retailed one of columnist Patt Morrison’s pieces about King in 1996, when he was arrested once more on the same charge, and I’m in agreement with this last:

Some people believe unswervingly that the 1991 videotaped beating hung a flashing, beeping, glittering neon “Kick Me” sign on Rodney King’s back for the rest of his life.

And there are others who are certain that it handed Rodney King a get-out-of-jail-free card with no expiration date.

Those of the first school will point to a pile of small-potato encounters with the law since 1991 — illegally tinted windows, picking up a transvestite hooker and aiming his car at vice cops, domestic abuse, seat belt violation, drunk driving charges here and there.

Police harassment, they will say. He put it to the cops, and now the cops are out to put it to him. And after what he’s been put through, who wouldn’t be completely freaked at the sight of a cop?

Those of the second school will answer, Yeah, but:

How many guys get a deputy chief called to the scene of an ordinary domestic abuse complaint … just because it’s Rodney King? How many drivers with an expired car registration and no license on him would get to drive away without even a ticket? How many times did Daryl Gates get awakened at 3 a.m. on a “red-1” alert for a man caught with a transvestite hooker? How many guys would get released without being booked, and never thereafter charged, after allegedly trying to run down the undercover vice cop who caught him?

And how many traffic stops can rattle a designated CHP spokeswoman into staying mum about a plain speeding ticket until the agency’s public information officer shows up the next day to do the talking, as happened Sunday in San Diego County?

I’m of both schools, really.  I mean, it’s been twenty years.  Twenty years since the attack, nearly twenty years since the Riots.  The brother is middle-aged.  Tired.   I saw part of Celebrity Rehab with King, and I also retailed his getting together with a former juror, Cynthia Kelley, and his contemplating marrying her last year.  But apparently, good behavior did not stick once the cameras were shut off.  I’ve ranged Google high and low, and I have no idea how Cynthia is faring, whether he actually married her or whether she has left him as well.  I said before that new relationships, no matter how positive, have a tendency to make things worse for a recovering addict, and it looks as though I was right.

I’m sad for Rodney King, but again–and I don’t care how many times I say it– I think that law enforcement should seriously think about not treating him like Venetian glass and lift that card and incarcerate him where he could get some continuous therapy and help.  There must be some kind of post-incarceration program, even in these budget-cutting times that can house and help him towards other further therapy, assistance and employment.

Otherwise, I’m afraid that King will kill someone or kill himself on the road, an event that I think that he has been continuously daring the Universe to do to permanently take him out of his pain.

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