Here We Go Again: San Francisco Cops Shoot Black Teenager Over A $2 Unpaid MUNI Bus Fare, BUT…

As if the Bay Area isn’t still in recovery over the death of Oscar Grant and virtual exoneration of Johannes Mehserle.  There was a murder last week by BART cops of an unarmed black man on the platform.  Oscar Grant’s best friend, Johntue Caldwell, was murdered by an unknown person as he sat minding his own business in his gold-colored Cadillac at a gas station parking lot.  Caldwell had been with Grant the night he was killed.

This is what went down, according to KTVU, Channel 2,  an independent Oakland-San Francisco-San Jose TV station, on Saturday, July 16.

The incident occurred around 4:45 p.m. on Third Street and Oakdale Avenue (in the Bayview-Hunters Point District) when a 19-year-old man, who was believed to have been carrying a gun, was shot and collapsed on the sidewalk, police said.

A police spokesman said the shooting began after two uniformed officers conducted a fare inspection on a Muni light rail vehicle.  They detained the man on the platform, but he fled on foot.

During the foot pursuit, police said the suspect fired at the officers, and the officers fired back.  Witnesses had a different story and said police overreacted.

As the man was running he had his hands up in the air, and then hit the ground when he was shot, one witness said.

Police maintained that the man had a weapon and they searched the area for the firearm.

One bullet casing lay on the street, and police said it came from a gun that did not belong to the police officers.  Police said witnesses could have taken the victim’s weapon when the man collapsed, or the suspect could have thrown the gun somewhere during the pursuit.

The suspect was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries and he later died from those injuries at 7 p.m. The officers were not injured.

Within hours of the shooting, an anonymous video popped up on YouTube that showed not only the chaos of the shooting scene, but what the person who posted the video claimed was a silver handgun lying 20-feet from the mortally wounded teenager.

In the video, a large crowd that gathered near the scene, along with several police officers who roped off the area.A close look at the lower right corner of the video revealed a shiny object.

In the video, a person in a hooded sweatshirt picked it up.

Later in the video a person wearing a gray hoodie picked up something that appeared to be a cell phone.

Police still haven’t found the gun the suspect was said to be firing.

The two police officers involved in the shooting were placed on paid administrative leave following the incident.

Now really, over two measly dollars?   This is ridiculous.  The best the driver could have done was tell the young man to get off the bus or the T train, and if he didn’t, then call for MUNI supervisors or the cops to simply eject the boy, and then get out of the vehicle and wait.  Nine times out of ten, the young man would have been gone by the time the cops arrived.  I have personally seen this kind of thing happen.  But that is something that only a San Francisco resident would have known. It appears this cat was way from out of town.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

If this boy was armed and was the first to fire a couple of shots at the cops, then he was an idiot.  What the hell for?  What would he gain?  Apparently there was something else going on with this young man, and after some more digging I found out that he was probably a killer.  He is alleged to have killed a woman and her unborn child in Washington State.  This is probably why this guy was so jittery that he would fire first.  He may have been on the run.

A 19-year-old man fatally shot by San Francisco police is considered a person of interest in a South Seattle shooting last Wednesday that killed 19-year-old Tanaya Gilbert and wounded three others, according to authorities.

Police said the man was shot in a confrontation with police at a transit platform Saturday, and was a parolee from Washington state.

The coroner identified the man as Kenneth Harding, 19.  Harding had been detained by patrol officers doing fare inspections at a San Francisco Municipal Railway light-rail stop at Third Street and Palou Avenue at about 4:45 p.m. Saturday, police said.

Police said detectives have learned that Harding was a person of interest in the Seattle shooting. The gun used to the San Francisco shootout was found after police received tips to its whereabouts. It will be tested to see if it matches bullets used in the murder of Tanaya Gilbert. The testing could take days or weeks.

Amateur video footage of the exchange showed that a passerby picked up Harding’s handgun after the shootout and took it from the area before investigators were able to establish a crime scene, police said. But with the help of witnesses, police were able to identify the person who took the gun, and recovered it Sunday afternoon.

The shooting is the third involving San Francisco police since early June. On June 7, officers fatally shot a suspected Southern California bank robber near Buena Vista Park after he allegedly tried to run them over with his car. On June 29, police shot and wounded a wanted parolee after he shot at officers near Gough and Ellis streets, according to police.

Neighborhood groups, however, are not mollified.  They want the FBI to investigate this incident. They want to make this a civil rights case. They’re not going to get much traction with the weapon being found, and a videotape that shows the gun on the ground and then being absconded with, despite some people’s insistence that there was no gun.   But people are highly upset at this latest spate of shootings of black men.  Can’t some of these men have been taken alive?

Frankly, there are precedents for some cops to have planted weapons or knives at a scene where an unarmed black man/woman/child was murdered by police gunfire, so that cops would have some justification for firing without a reason.  That black Bayview residents would bring this up does not mean that such a thing does not happen.  And the other murders that mentioned upwind need to be investigated thoroughly.

I am glad, however, that no one else was hurt by this young guy.  But if Harding–once a San Francisco resident–did indeed kill the sister in Seattle, and a pregnant sister at that; plus send three other people to the hospital, as well as shoot at the S.F. cops, then folks don’t need his kind walking around our neighborhoods.

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8 Responses to “Here We Go Again: San Francisco Cops Shoot Black Teenager Over A $2 Unpaid MUNI Bus Fare, BUT…”

  1. Black men (and women) aren’t safe in San Francisco. That city REEKS of liberal racism.


    • I’ve since read about the SRO scandal, and how the SFPD manufactured evidence, which resulted in many blacks being released because of trumped-up charges. What has happened to my city, and the city of my stepfather who came to San Francisco as a teenager from Louisiana?


  2. And worse yet, for him, it appears he shot himself when he attempted to shoot over his shoulder while running from the police. The most recent report is that the police use a .40 caliber weapon. The bullet recovered from the the deceased, by the coroner, is a .38 caliber. The shell casing found on the scene was a .38, and the single unused round in the deceased man’s pocket was a .38 caliber. The only thing still missing is the .38 caliber gun that fired the round. And, being that there is a missing firearm, it is reasonable to conclude that someone took it.

    There is no doubt that slavery was wrong. It ended along time ago.

    There is no doubt that prejudice is wrong. We don’t stand for it being institutionalized anymore, that’s over (in theory).

    Unfortunately, It is in our nature that we make judgments based on minimal and often minimal information. Everyone does, we have to or we would “know” nothing. Life isn’t a laboratory experiment.

    And just as often, the judgment is “good enough”. It’s not because he was black, or white, or female, or a guy or Asian…it’s because he really was an idiot. Sometimes, the cops actually shoot because the other guy shot at them…


    • This story was updated this morning about the gun and Harding.

      In all, there have been three stories that I have written on the shooting in San Francisco, together with updated information from many sources, including those in Seattle as well as in San Francisco.

      I’ve already said that my POV is from Wisconsin reading news stories and watching videos and sharing them with readers.

      My objection to Harding? He is said to have tried to pimp out a teenage girl, and shot a young black woman to death during a drive-by. I don’t like this at all. He is not a hero or a martyr in my view. Whether he shot himself accidentally in a “don’t-take-me alive” panic or on purpose, he was an idiot. The circumstances surrounding his death, however, are becoming more and more mysterious, and it’s making the SFPD look even worse. I’d sure like to know that if ten bullets were expended on that day, where did those bullets go? In Harding? That’s not clear either.


  3. Anytime we hurt our own, we support the slave mentality, when we speak against our own without first lifting a finger to help correct what we may see as a problem, we support the slave mentality, and if we stand behind red, white and blue notions of what they think about us before standing behind our red, black and green, we totally forget whos side we are suppose to be on. Are we Africans or brain-washed Americans? We have to work harder at understanding our own contradictions!


  4. This young man killed a young 19 year old girl in Seattle a few days before this incident. I call it KARMA.


    • See my update on this case. Yeah, you could see it that way. I see him being young, stupid and hating young women and girls. And he wasn’t even 21 years old.


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