Meanwhile, Back in Madison: Scorching Temperatures to Continue for Two More Days; “Concerts on the Square” Show Will Go On Regardless of The Heat

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When I returned from my evening shift late last night, I opened the door to find my room as hot as hell.  As hot as the temperature outside last night, which was beyond 80 and steamy.  I pushed the button on the air conditioner quickly.  It took a half hour before the room temperature normalized enough for me to feel comfortable.  Thus I contributed to the large numbers of Madison residents who are using air conditioners and fans overtime this week.

And today is no different.  People are still hoping that Mad City stays reasonably cool during this heat wave, despite the fact that some UW Madison buildingsair conditioning had failed and that the nearby Dane County Fair has set up some new procedures in the wake of the severe heat advisory.

About 40 buildings across the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus continue to be affected by air conditioning problems on Tuesday after failures at several power plants.

While a heat wave continues to cook southern Wisconsin, UW officials warned in a news release Tuesday that the warm conditions in the buildings are likely to continue for several days “as air-conditioning demand continues to outpace supply.”

UW repair crews have been working to restore services after the campus was forced to go without three of its chilling facilities on Monday after one failed overnight.

The university shut off about 40 percent of its cool air capacity Monday morning. The shutdown was an indication that the air-conditioning system was pushed to its limits, but officials said new construction will help.

Contending with the reduced capacity and increasing demands, officials made the decision to conserve energy for critical operations, including UW Hospitals and Clinics and areas with sensitive experiments and computer servers.

The result has been that many students and staff members have had to endure summer heat outside and inside campus buildings.

And that can’t be pretty.  It’s almost as if UW employees and students and even patients are going to have to bring their own little battery-powered personal fans–diva fans, as Wendy Williams might call them–just in case their AC units cut out.  Makes one think that there is some merit to freon or any other safer cooling devices.

Meanwhile, at the Dane County Fair, which officially began today at the most inopportune of moments:

[…]Owners took extra steps to make sure their livestock stayed cool Tuesday during setup day at the Dane County Fair.

With temperatures in the 90s, organizers changed plans to allow owners to bring their animals at 7 a.m. instead of noon.  Once inside the fairground barns, owners used industrial fans and misting machines to keep livestock cool for the fair.

“Just like us, they’re struggling in the heat,” cattle producer Dean Hermsdorf said. “We have to take care of them. That’s what we do as producers, and that’s what we do as farmers is take care of our animals. Because of we don’t do that, we’re not in business for very long.”

Some exhibitors, including the llama owners, decided not to come to the fair this year because of the heat.  But most of the 10,500 exhibitors are expected to come, said Mark Clarke, the fair’s general manager.

It’s a little after 3 p.m. as I write this, but I haven’t seen the usual plethora of quilts on the Capitol Building grass marking off listening turf that usually spreads around the immediate area where the Madison Chamber Orchestra performs (Main and Pinckney) hasn’t yet arrived.  Tonight’s offering is a trip down memory lane with ABBA, but I’ll bet many folks aren’t going to be around to enjoy this one.  Concert spokespeople suggest that their patrons exercise good judgment, but request that the elderly, those with heart and HBP problems, and those parents with small infants and toddlers not attend.   While the concert area has some tree shade on the grass, it is by no means all shaded by trees, and even then, people can be overcome in the shade as well as in the sun.

However, if you decide that you can’t afford to miss to this concert, drink lots of water before you arrive, and bring a cooler full of ice and water instead of cola or sodium-carbonated drinks.  As with alcohol, sodium-carbonated drinks can aid in dehydration.  Carbonated drinks are not water.   If you remember, sodium is salt.  Nobody needs a “Waterloo” event tonight.

If you don’t know, cooling centers in Madison are located the Catholic Multicultural Center in Madison and the two Salvation Army locations in Madison.   Madison public libraries, including the Central Library downtown are also locations where people can beat the heat for the afternoon; they do not, however, offer special services for patrons.   A complete list of centers in Dane County are located here.  Usually during smog or heat advisory alert, the Madison Metro bus service allows for free rides.

As always, readers, take it easy.

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