Meanwhile, Back in Wisconsin: State Senator Luther Olsen—Baby Daddy? (w/Updates)

UPDATE (8/4/11, 5:53 a.m.):

Of course, this story refuses to die.  Now AmericaBlog has a story (via The Wisconsin Gazette) about a right-wing lesbian in Wisconsin who heads up the Wisconsin Family Action.  WFA, which touts itself as pro-family, has thrown a lot of money into Luther Olsen’s campaign pot, chiefly for political commercials to air in the state.  And those commercials have twisted the facts about Olsen’s competitor, Democrat Fred Clark.  The latest lie, this time from the winger group  Club for Growth?  That Clark had given educational breaks to illegal aliens rather than to Iraq War/Afghanistan vets.  WISC’s Reality Check lays out the facts.

Now wait, you might say.  Hold up.  Back up.  A right-wing lesbian is helping to fund Luther Olsen’s anti-gay anti-everyone campaign?

Yup.  The self-hatred continues.  It didn’t stop with J. Edgar Hoover and Roy Cohn and Bishop Eddie Long.

The “pro-family” group has so far funneled at least $200,000 into television commercials promoting Republican Sen. Luther Olsen by attacking the driving record of his opponent, state Rep. Fred Clark. The small religious group has not disclosed where it obtained so much money.

WFA claims that it exists to promote “traditional” marriage. Yet the group’s top priority in the Aug. 9 recall election is to save the senate seat of a man who created a scandal several years ago when he had a high-profile extramarital affair with a married woman who is now his wife.

But that’s only the beginning of Olsen’s moral challenges. An ethics complaint was recently filed against him for authoring legislation designed to gain state funding for an organization headed by his current wife. And now charges have surfaced that he fathered a child with his teenage babysitter, although it’s not clear whether the alleged pregnancy was carried to term or aborted.

Well, I believe Politiscoop that there was a child, and that the child, by now, is grown and has brothers and/or sisters.

Yet the Wisconsin mainstream media is still not touching this story about Baby Daddy Olsen with a barge pole.  Just who are they protecting if Wife No. 2 and the children are all grown?  Spare me. This story is gaining credibility and traction by the day, and the election is next week.

And Olsen has neither confirmed or denied the allegations, but he tries to saber rattle that he’s going to sue Politiscoop through a mainstream media source, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.  Since when do news sources become mere errand boys (or girls) for the powers that are?  Now here’s the rest of the story about the woman who runs WFA:

The exclusive method used by WFA to strengthen marriage is to demonize gays and lesbians. The group does not address any of the issues that have led to a soaring divorce rate, such as economic hardship, infidelity, addictions and communication problems.

WFA is headed by a woman who has never been married and has lived for many years with another woman in what appears to be a same-sex domestic partnership. WFA chief Julaine Appling…and her longtime companion Diane Westphall own a home together in Watertown and work together at WFA.

These people are flat out of their minds.  Yet this is the world of people like Luther Olsen: hypocrites all too ready to point the finger at those who are trying to help and empower others, but refusing to acknowledge what is in their own closets…or backyards.

UPDATE (8/3/11, 6:10 p.m.):

This is a radio morning show, “Sly in the Morning” (John Sylvester) on WTDY-1670 AM Madison featuring Politiscoop himself (Paul I. Tascoupe) discussing the whole Luther Olsen baby daddy controversy.  Some of this information is about 30 years old; frankly, I thought this occurred within about five years ago.  Amazing that they are still talking about this Peyton Place-type scandal; but hey, that is their speed in the hinterlands.  Olsen ended up marrying the babysitter, who allegedly became Olsen Wife No. 2.   I thought that there were two babysitters, but the woman on Foolocracy was right about her time line.  Yeah, the babysitter was underage according to this interview.  Their child, by this time, is grown.   No wonder Wife No. 3 doesn’t want to hash this one up.  This is the link (sorry that the first one did not take).

UPDATE (7/30/11, 9:13 a.m.):

Muckraker Politiscoop wrote the following yesterday, Friday July 29:

Politiscoop received an email today from the [Milwaukee]Journal Sentinel asking for a comment to Luther Olsen’s statement of denial to them about the incident, and within that statement Olsen suggested he may be contemplating legal action against Politiscoop. It seems to me this is the theme of the Republican Party this year; first play victim, then attempt to silence the voices of the people. The action he is considering is what is known as a SLAPP lawsuit. Basically it is something many politicians use to play the victim while bullying the press into remaining silent on a certain subject.

Now we have offered Olsen a voice on the page where the article ran to counter the claims of those who made the allegations. Olsen was also offered the opportunity to defuse the entire situation on camera but decided to walk away. Politiscoop offered him [a] voice, now he may seek to silence ours.  (Our invitation remains open to Olsen).  Olsen should know that each and every time he is out on the campaign trail he is interviewing for the job for Wisconsin‘s State Senate and the readers of Politiscoop are his employers and to walk away leaving their questions unanswered is one way of saying they really don’t matter…


Yesterday Politiscoop ran a piece about Senator Luther Olsen and the talk of Berlin and Poy Sippi that he had impregnated a teenage babysitter at some point in time. Now it is important to understand that the piece didn’t get published from a single email to Politiscoop but several; it was published after making contact with several random people in both the Berlin and Poy Sippi areas. In other words, this wasn’t a group of people with an agenda in mind and had no idea why Politiscoop would be contacting them. We received several emails today in regards to the article, some pointing out this link in March (scroll to the bottom of the page) and then others giving us the names, ages and what seems to be specific details and one correcting us that Olsen hadn’t been married twice, but now three times. We apologize for that error and hope that is now cleared up. Now, it’s important to note that we believe there was no abortion to the best of our knowledge judging from the emails we have received.

So there could be an Olsen child.  Did he suppor that child?

I followed that link in March, patiently scrolled down, and found this comment from an enraged reader from a blog called Foolocracy,  regarding the topic of Randy Hopper, yet another Republican senator up for recall:

Hopper is a pig, but why is no one looking at Luther Olson, the super pig?  He married once, had 3 or 4 kids; left that wife for the babysitter, married her, had 3 more kids, divorced her; and then slept with another man’s wife until he broke up that marriage, and now he has married her; but his affairs continue, and it is no secret to anyone including his wife.  His wife is the Executive Director of CESA 6, an educational agency that works with school districts, he has been on that board, he has been on the Berlin School Board for 20 odd years and still with all this educational background and all of his wife’s employee’s watching, he still votes to destroy the rights of the people who make education in Wisconsin as great as it is. Why is his current wife not jumping down his throat and protecting her employees, and why is this big old bull allowed to stay in the Senate? He could easily go back in the public workforce, oh wait, that’s right, he and his brother ran the family business into the ground, and has tax liens and tax evasion charges up the ying yang. Maybe he better stay in the Senate so he can pay the state and federal government back some of that money.

Food for thought.

Looks like this guy can’t keep his hands off babysitters.  If this woman had kept track of all of Olsen’s shenanigans, you best believe other folks may know more than she does as well.

I’ve only changed grammar and punctuation in these quotes; the writers’ intents remain essentially unchanged.  More later.


Oh, man.   This is so rich.

It’s rumor for now, but I don’t think that the bringers of these tidings are lying.

They say that what a politician’s got to worry about is getting caught with a live boy or a dead girl in their bed.

But what about impregnating a teenage babysitter?

This came over the transom on my Facebook feed, and it’s from PolitiScoop’s Paul Tascoupe.  It’s a couple of hours old.  Read.  It.  All.

Ever since Senator Luther Olsen had an ethics complaint filed against him, Politiscoop has been looking into the Olsens’ past. At first there wasn’t much in the way of things other than a divorce in 2004 and then marriage to Joan Wade in 2006, but then we recently received an email from an anonymous source that revealed some dark and sickening details.

On its face, we were skeptical of the information we received saying that Senator Luther Olsen had impregnated a teenage babysitter. Immediately we attempted to contact some people in Berlin Wisconsin that knew Olsen in order to get more information on the this situation, since Olsen seems to dodge the press other than in debates. As we made these contacts we received responses such as, “Oh you are talking about the babysitter thing.”  When that second flag went up, we knew we had to make some more phone calls to see who might know about the babysitter “thing.”  The next response we got was “Oh you mean the babysitter baby?” I must say when those words were uttered I was flabbergasted and appalled.

We were then directed to someone who knew a bit more about the situation. Politiscoop was told that at some point in time, Senator Olsen had intercourse and impregnated his teenage babysitter and that the father was apparently paid off in order to keep it quiet. Obviously Politiscoop had some questions for Senator Olsen about this matter so we made a trip down to Waupaca last night to cover the debate and get answers to our questions.   […Y]ou will see (above) the interview of Senator Olsen after the debate which was abruptly cut off by his wife Joan who gave Olsen the sign to end it when the subject of Planned Parenthood came up.

I can empathize with Tascoupe and his cohorts’ dismay–and disgust. There are some things that one thinks that another is way above doing, for all intents and purposes.  I don’t think that this is mock shock.  And there is nothing more unpalatable than hearing about the father and husband losing control of himself with the babysitter.  It has all the appearance of a bad dirty movie premise.

There’s more at Politiscoop.

Tascoupe ends the story with the following money questions:

Did you impregnate your babysitter and was there a payoff to the father?

If so, was the money used for an abortion?

Oh, the hypocrisy.  Olsen’s the one running the incessant TV ads about his Democratic challenger, Fred Clark, and Clark’s reckless driving “problems.”  (The opposition also previously spotlighted Clark’s nonpayment of child support.) Especially when it came to smashing his SUV into a bicyclist and running red lights with a suspended license. At least, Clark didn’t commit a hit and run; he stopped and tried to help the man he struck as per the law.

Now I don’t like or approve of this kind of behavior.  But Clark would be someone’s legislator, not their friend.  I think that this story, which may be true, would bring Olsen up to equal standing with Clark as far as “personal irresponsibility” is concerned.  I mean, if you go down that route smearing an opponent, be prepared for the other side to discover a few unsavory things in your closet. That’s what Olsen and his supporters are trying to do by casting aspersions on Clark with these below-the-belt ads, which began the day of the first round of recall elections in Madison. Olsen had no doubt that he was going to meet Clark in the recall August 9.  These ads have nothing to do with Clark’s fitness or his public record as a legislator.  That’s where people should be looking, and not just to the campaign ads.

Furthermore, didn’t Olsen help to deny Planned Parenthood state funds recently?   Planned Parenthood targeted him even before they got cut. Did the girl go to Planned Parenthood for an abortion or pre-natal care? Ya know, I’ve heard of these kinds of situations. These guys only need Planned Parenthood when they’ve made a mistake, and need something, anything to help them clean up their messes.  When they’re in the clear, who cares about girls and women who cannot afford to have a/nother child, or need quality pre-natal care, or knowledge about how their bodies actually work, or how to protect themselves against venereal diseases or other STDs.

This news is really going to piss off Olsen’s right-wing, anti-abortion friends as well as his Tea Party adherents.   But what goes on in the dark can’t help but eventually come out into the light.  And it couldn’t happen to a “nicer” guy.

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  1. Actually, if you track down the original story about Clark and the child support, you will see that the ad is a blatant lie, distorting the story by taking a phrase out of a sentence and using it in such a way that it makes it sound like the opposite of what the original story was. Look up the story on Baraboos News Republic.


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