Jason Alexander Says Netflix Price Increase Was The Worst Thing to Happen to White People in “Funny or Die” Video

Put this video with the website White Whine, that online compendium of actual white people’s complaints, and people will die laughing.  (Or for up to five minutes.)

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So what’s the deal with Jason Alexander?  Don’t tell me he’s going to take ol’ Jerry Lewis‘ place as one of the top celebrity moneymakers for charity.  His charity?  The Netflix Relief Fund.  Apparently, the news of the price increase to $6 a night has shocked and saddened and impacted so many middle-class white people that some are considering suicide because the rainbow ain’t enough.

When Netflix separated its DVD and streaming plans, and then raised its prices 60 percent, it caused waves of outrage and played out on Facebook where nearly 81,000 vented about the changes.

[..T]he rage against the Netflix machine is still going, on other threads after that initial announcement. Even posting an update on the addition of Mad Men to the stream has done nothing to calm the masses down.

The Chinese could call in our debt tomorrow as a result of their fears about our government stalemate over raising the debt ceiling, march in and take over California, and hold it for collateral.  But who cares, right?  Because Netflix is upping their  rates on the backs of poor, put-upon white people.

Please.  End the suffering.  Tell these people to get a life.

~ by blksista on July 29, 2011.

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