Mo’ Kelly’s Take On The Latest Eddie Long Revelation About Centino Kemp

The Mo’Kelly Report–Morris O’Kelly–had a pretty interesting piece yesterday at EUR–Electronic Urban Report–on the latest about Bishop Eddie Long.  Namely, that there was a fifth accuser who did not file any lawsuit, thus exposing himself to public derision;  rather, this young man named Centino (or Centinio) Kemp showed up near the close of the proceedings and picked up some cash anyway.  His presence went a long way (you might say) in resolving what appeared to be hurdles in the settlement negotiations, hurdles that might have led to an embarrassing jury trial.

Rod 2.0, a black LGBT blog based in Atlanta, reported that there may have been actually six in all. 

Let me repeat that.  Six. Young. Men.

There may have been others who did not step up because of fear, or were persuaded by whatever means not to speak out publicly or in a court of law.

O’Kelly says that the congregants of New Birth only have themselves to blame if they continue to enable this errant hypocrite.  That’s what I said, enable.  Because the congregants have a mental illness that cannot be cured unless they realize that they are as sick as their pastor.   Eddie Long has not repented, submitted himself to other ministers or bishops  or higher-ups that might help him on the way to self-examination, true apology,  forgiveness and healing.  He hasn’t even admitted, at least publicly, that mistakes were made, which is the non-apology apology.   That Eddie Long is a gay or at least, a bisexual man, is no longer in doubt for a lot of people.  O’Kelly has not a few money statements in his column, such as this one:

Let’s see if Mo’Kelly has this straight…no pun intended.

Bishop Eddie Long has offered neither explanation nor exculpatory evidence to refute or debunk ANY of the allegations against him. Instead of going to trial to clear his name, he agreed to a multimillion-dollar settlement. He gave a FIFTH man money who never even said jack publicly.

Oh that’s right, Bishop Eddie Long isn’t innocent or heterosexual. That might explain it.

Yes congregation, I blame you.

You don’t worship God, you worship a self-loathing gay man.  Own it, New Birth.

Yes, say it with Mo’Kelly. All together now…

”He’s gay.”

All Long needs is a rainbow ribbon on his lapel, a subscription to OUT magazine and an invitation to Marcus Bachmann’s upcoming birthday bash to make it any more obvious.

Five different men have come forward with intimate sexual details. Accept it like the sun coming up in the morning. 

“That Brother Is Gay.”

If you, remaining New Birth members, don’t know your Bishop is gay…that’s a “you” problem. The rest of us in the real world are clear.

To the heart of the matter…

The issues of concern to the remaining gullible church members should be at least connected to Long’s adultery, lack of repentance and remuneration to keep it all quiet. It’s about the involvement of minors within his congregation in the expression of said homosexuality.

To remain silently under his ministerial leadership is complicity with the behavior.

Four of these five boys we know were under the 18 (age of majority) during the time of the acts. They were minors, children in the eyes of the law; age of consent (16) or not.

Do not confuse “age of consent” with “age of majority.”  They were children.

The remaining members of New Birth clearly aren’t concerned with such minutia. Shame on all of you. You’ve done nothing to challenge Long or ensure the future safety of children within his reach.

What version of the Bible are you reading over there in Lithonia?

Mo’Kelly brings up a relevant piece of this controversy: people confusing the age of consent with the age of majority.  The age of consent means that a person “is considered to be legally competent to consent to sexual acts” at a certain minimum age set out by the law of a state or nation.  The age of majority means that an individual reaches a “chronological moment when minors cease to legally be considered children and assume control over their persons, actions, and decisions, thereby terminating the legal control and legal responsibilities of their parents or guardian over and for them.”  (Both definitions are from Wikipedia.)  It’s generally recongized in this country as the ages of 18 or 21.

And there is a big difference between the two.   A teenage girl could consent to have sex with her boyfriend; in some states, it is considered to be 14 years old; still others, 15.  But that does not mean that she is an adult–that is, she’s reached her majority–and is generally considered to be competent to make qualified, informed decisions for herself.  She is still living with her parents or guardians; she is under their protection, supervision and care unless she petitions the court to make her an adult (and showing strong evidence in court that she knows what is required to be a responsible, mature adult),  or until she reaches the age of 18.

See what I mean.  None of the latter pertained to the four young men.  They were, in essence, in danger of becoming juvenile delinquents or worse, their mothers or families saw them as risking prison.  In effect, he was their guardian against that mess ever happening.  People rant, these boys knew better; they knew right from wrong, they just wanted the money.  Sure, they did.  Every woman remembers how she was persuaded, seduced or coerced to have sex with some boy or man, often when they were not sure and torn between wanting to keep the boy and curiosity about doing it, and not wanting to get pregnant or to further disappoint their parents.  And sometimes, even when they finally refused, they weren’t respected for their decision; they were raped.

Now imagine something like that happening to the original four young men of the lawsuits.  Turn that fear about getting pregnant into fear about disappointing Long and his turning off the spigot of affection and gifts.  How about being fearful about whether what they were doing was wrong for them but not wrong for Bishop Long and his subjecting them later to ridicule, derision and expulsion from his church?  New Birth, like all other cults, is a closed community.  Getting tossed out of there is like getting tossed out of some kind of paradise.  And in a closed community, the head of the church is like the second coming of J.C.   There is no democracy in a closed community or society.   Whatever the pastor says, goes.

Think about it, for a 14-year-old boy?  A 16-year-old boy?

Y’all don’t like downlow?  I don’t either; I’d rather that the bi-gay brothers were out and having fun with each other, and that they quit lying to themselves and to women.  (And if they want to start generations, get a like-minded lesbian woman  or a surrogate to carry a child or children to term or adopt to create a family.)   Yet this is the most stunning case of downlow that I have ever witnessed.   Seriously, it ain’t ovah yet.   And yeah, like everyone else O’Kelly mentioned, we real clear right here about Bishop Eddie Long.  Just as Julian Bond once said, those yelling loudest about homosexuality usually are found to be gay or bisexual.   We real clear, all except his congregation.  They’re the ones paying for alla this:  the $100 an hour recording sessions, the baggies of marijuana, and even the college, if we can believe the mainstream news reports.  And for other things that haven’t yet surfaced.  Like payoffs to other young men to shut up.  Hey, I wouldn’t put it past him.  And they–the churchgoers of New Birth–just refuse to see reason.

What does O’Kelly suggest as the answer?  Nothing less than the ouster of Long as pastor of New Birth.  But he doesn’t see that happening:

There has been no cooling off period, removing Long from the pulpit to review the totality of these events.  How does one pay out an 8-figure settlement and have no subsequent ministerial misconduct review made available to members?

Long is the absolute ruler at New Birth.  There is no board to answer to.  He got rid of that fairly democratic body from the very beginning, taking a page from his mentor, Bishop Earl PaulkAtlanta area folks know what happened with Paulk, too.  Long wanted to run his own show on his own terms, with no one challenging his absolute rule over the church.  And absolute power always corrupts absolutely.

It’s past time to mount a palace revolution.

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