Fantasia’s Preggers

Fantasia Barrino (right), with her married lover, Antwaun Cook, in Barbados recently. 'Tasia is no doubt pregnant again by this creep; she hasn't learned yet (Courtesy:

I read and saw all the rumors from YBF and other black blogs that Fantasia Barrino was indeed pregnant, likely with that erstwhile boyfriend of hers, the still-married Antwaun Cook. There were pictures, particularly of Barrino vacationing in Barbados with Cook, her tummy mushrooming in her hot pink, one-piece suit.  This was probably after she completed her appearance in the upcoming bio film about Mahalia Jackson.  She did not look at her best, but it wasn’t the weight she was said to have gained to become the famous gospel singer.  I figured that she did not yet  know how to swim; she wore a kind of flotation collar/life preserver around her neck to keep her from going under.   It made her look even more vulnerable–that even her man wouldn’t be able to save her without help.  I saw that she also possessed chicken legs–something I have in common with her–in which there is more thigh meat in the upper leg, leading up to a big ass.  This week’s National Enquirer even mentioned that she had gotten fat, along with other actresses and celebrities who seem to have themselves go, on the cover of their mag.  I haven’t read whether they had guessed too that she going to have a baby.

I sure was hoping that it wasn’t true, but no.

Fantasia Barrino is pregnant, she announced onstage during a charity concert Sunday in Florida, but she hasn’t yet given up the name of the baby’s father.

Could it be, hmm, Antwaun Cook, the singer’s on-again, off-again boyfriend? The one whose estranged wife, Paula, labeled the singer a homewrecker last year in a divorce battle that turned ugly? Back around the time Fantasia attempted suicide?

Heavens, we hope so.

“For a while I walked around figuring out what will they say and what will they think about me. But now I tell you I don’t live my life for folk,” Fantasia said as she led into a song at the Jacksonville show, TheYBF reported. “This child that I am carrying — God has given me this child. And I don’t have to hide it from none of y’all.”


No, this ain’t gonna be no Lauryn Hill situation.

Well, if the deed is done, there ain’t no way you’re hiding a baby bump for long, is there, ‘Tasia? No matter what other people say, right?  You went ahead and did it because you wanted a baby and thus have a family with this guy, again no matter what anyone said.  You snuck back with this guy when publicly you gave him up and said it was over.  Nobody forced anybody’s hand, but again, someone is still not using common sense all for the sake of that fleeting thing called “love.”  And I’m still shaking my head.

I know my opinion means nothing, and I am only one voice, but I’m hoping someone else gets a hint that this kind of “happiness” will not prosper, no matter how brave and audacious it appears; no matter how many declarations that the almighty is gonna use and guide her.  I can only hope that the baby will be enough, but it won’t be.   Eventually even Miss Re, even Mary Blige, had to call a halt with their men.

This will be the second child for Barrino, as well as being the second child she will have for Cook. She has had three pregnancies.  Her daughter Zion is 10 this year.   Barrino had aborted the first child when she was threatened with a lawsuit by the first Mrs. Cook; and no doubt, she also did it for Antwaun Cook to save both their reputations and to head off his wife.  The grief over the abortion led Barrino to attempt suicide last August 2010; although I did not believe at the time of writing Trainwreck: Fantasia Barrino, that she was pregnant.  Now I know that she had tried suicide, not just because she saw her world crashing down upon her, but because against her own wishes, possibly under pressure from her handlers, her family, as well as her lover, she decided to abort a child that she wanted to have.  It’s horrible  for a woman who loses or who must destroy a wanted baby for whatever reason.  I’m sure those reasons must have seemed less and less important thereafter, which is one reason why I think that she is having the baby.   I said:

No, I think that Barrino did attempt suicide. I think the woman was so upset that at first she was in a state of shock at the news of Antwaun’s duplicity and Paula’s lawsuit. According to the L.A. Times, within hours after her lawyer informed her of the lawsuit, she actually zoned out: she saw mouths moving with no sound coming out. She saw everything that she had worked for collapse before her eyes, both personal and financial. Her first impulse was that she wanted to escape out of this world. It was too much for her to bear. She’s still here, though, and must face the consequences of what she has wrought. And it won’t get better any time soon.

I wish I knew how to shake this young woman out of this dream of having Antwaun Cook, and for her to shake him permanently out of her life. No man is ever worth this much craziness and drama.  (And yet, I have been there and done that enough times so that burnt child fears fire.)  Antwaun Cook is an attractive man, but there are hundreds of other attractive, tattooed hunks in the world who may not dog her as Cook is sure to do when he is finally free to marry her. (And he may even be creeping on her at this moment; they always do.) I keep thinking, what a waste.  Why just this guy?  He can’t be the only man who will love her.  That’s what I remember friends of mine saying at the time.  These days I also think to myself, the nooky can’t be all that good.

But this is her journey, y’all, all upfront and personal, in a way that we never really saw with singers like Lady Day and Aretha Franklin, her mentor (Ted White immediately comes to mind). She’s claiming it, but the price may be altogether too high.  Sure enough, Radar Online had the goods on her this week:

“Antwaun told Paula [Cook] that Fantasia was pregnant early on,” a source close to the situation told

“He wanted her to hear it from him before word got out in the press. Paula was really hurt when he left her for Fantasia, so it’s like the knife that was already in her back is being twisted now.” has learned that Antwaun and Paula are set to meet in a North Carolina courthouse on Wednesday, August 10 to try and sort out their accurate date of separation. Antwaun maintains the two were already separated when he started dating Fantasia, while Paula insists he cheated on her.

The separated lovers were in court last year for the same thing and a judge found in favor of Antwaun, but their legal issues have started all over again because the original judge had to recuse herself.

That alone should be another warning to Fantasia, but she ain’t gonna take it.  Two steps forward, two steps back.  And subsequently,  a large settlement on Paula Cook that she will pay to add to her indebtedness, which now includes U.S. Bank.

Did I say this girl still needs prayer?  Lots of it, from any denomination, sect or school.

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