Get Out The Vote, Wisconsin! Recall Elections Today

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I was at “The Ed Show” last night.  Why not?  It’s only a block away from where I reside.  I was standing behind members of The Fabulous 14, and especially behind the “Solidarity” poster, but of course the poster holders were bigger than I was.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

MSNBC‘s Ed Schultz will return tonight to the corner of East Washington and Pinckney Streets as the election returns come in regarding the six Bagger Republicans up for recall.

I wish that I could vote today simply in solidarity with those who will take to the ballot box to vote in their own interests once more.  It will only take three seats.  Three (3) seats, and then two of the Fourteen winning later this month, and it will be done.  More than three, and I think that even the appallingly quiescent President Obama as well as other Dems and advisers will have to take notice.

I have a sneaking suspicion, though, that some vote totals may be contested tonight.  Call me paranoid, but the polls show particularly tight races in four districts.  The Bagger Republicans are adept pros at voter suppression in order to keep themselves in power, and if a Waukesha County situation once again occurs, people justifiably will smell a rat.

So far, people are experiencing no difficulties in voting, according to the Government Accountability Board (GAB), as voter ID is not required at this time.  Confused about where to vote?  Check here.

In essence, the turning out of office of these GOP representatives will spell the beginning of the end of Fitzwalkerstan.  However, at WisPolitics, analysts are suggesting that another scenario may indeed play out:

As insiders look at the possible outcomes of today’s elections, some see a number of scenarios in which Dems win three seats today and Dem Sen. Jim Holperin’s northern Wisconsin district then becomes the epicenter of the battle for control of the state Senate on Aug. 16.

Dem spokeswoman Gillian Morris said the party is focused on voter contacts in all of the recall districts, including the 12th, which features Holperin and Republican Kim Simac.

Committee to Elect a Republican Senate executive director John Hogan said he can’t talk about internal strategy, but says both the 12th and the 22nd (featuring Dem Sen. Bob Wirch and Republican Jonathan Steitz) will be important next week.

“Regardless of whether we win or lose control of the majority (today), those two districts are import and winnable,” Hogan said.

Umph.  We will indeed see about that.

At any rate, a stiffening of the spine by a Democratic-controlled  State Senate will resist anything Walker or the Fitzgeralds pull, which is probably why the Bagger Republicans made haste–nay galloped–in shoving their onerous agenda onto Wisconsinites.  They may have even known that this time would come, and may have known that they would have to cut their losses.  Wisconsin may be open for business, but few jobs have resulted, and definitely not in the large numbers the governor and his supporters have suggested.  People need to have working and fair wages to try to offset those budget cuts of social programs.  An unemployed or underemployed citizen cannot even afford to pay taxes.

If these goals are secured, Walker is next.  He won’t go down easy, even as a figurehead in office, but I predict that  he will go down.  He is a lightning rod for the divisiveness and distrust enveloping entire families, communities, areas, across the state.  The guy with the twisted and stunted gait will not make all Wisconsinites walk his way.  Believe it.

Resist and vote today.  Forward, Wisconsin, and not backwards.

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