Prince Albert Reportedly Banned By New Bride From Contact with Nicole Coste and Other Former Lovers

Their Serene Highnesses, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco dancing at The Red Cross Ball, a yearly society function.. At least, the ball was a success (Courtesy: Hello! Magazine)

That’s what The Daily Mail, Paris Match and The Daily Telegraph are saying: that the new Princess refuses to abide Nicole Coste’s presence at royal functions or her husband maintaining their long friendship, but that goes for other ex-lovers.  Particularly, this demand singles out Nicole Coste, who is the mother of Alexandre, his nearly eight-year-old natural son.  This seems to be par for the course: according to The IndependentPrince Rainier didn’t like  Coste when Albert brought her “on approval” to a royal ball when the old man was still alive.

Coste, now about 40, had participated in the social whirl of Monaco even during Albert’s long engagement with the former Charlene Wittstock. France, as you know, is not that far away from Monaco, which is a postage stamp of a country. Nicole, along with Alexandre and her older children, could be living only a few miles from Monte Carlo in the countryside full of villas and mansions, gardens and vineyards and small picturesque little towns. Prince Albert could visit her and his son informally and as much as he pleased. Not any more. The new Princess of Monaco is said to have put her foot down.

Paris Match magazine revealed this week that the former South African Olympic swimmer had one former lover, air hostess Nicole Coste, struck off the guest list to Monaco’s lavish Red Cross ball.

Ms Coste, from Togo, is the mother of Albert’s six-year-old love-child Alexandre. He has another daughter Jazmin, 19, born after a brief affair with American estate agent Tamara Rotola.

It’s Rotolo you misspelling Brit nincompoops. ROTO-LO.


A source close to the Monaco royal palace told Paris Match: “Charlene had to tolerate the presence of Ms Coste during last year’s Red Cross ball when they were engaged.

“But now they are married, she has put her foot down and had Ms Coste struck off the guest list.

“She does not want to give her the status of a privileged guest at an official function, and does not want Albert to consort socially with any of his previous lovers.”

Princess Caroline, Prince Albert, Princess Charlene and Princess Stephanie of Monaco taking their bows at The Red Cross Ball last week. Sorry, but the Grimaldi women do not look their best; marriage and relationships, as the family curse has proven, is not their best friend (Courtesy: Hello! Magazine)Albert’s sisters, the Hereditary Princesses Caroline and Stéphanie, who are looking surprisingly long in the tooth if you ask me, were also in attendance at the Ball at the same time this rumor surfaced. Both princesses have had to face divorces and less official sunderings in recent years; there is a family curse from the Middle Ages that asserts that the Grimaldis will never find happiness in marriage.  Philippe Junot was a blip on the screen.  Caroline’s second husband, businessman Stefano Casiraghi, father of three of her four children, died in a speedboat accident. Her latest husband, Ernst, a Hanoverian prince, openly cheated on her, thus beginning divorce proceedings.  Stéphanie, who is also known as the Comtesse de Polignac, had a baby outside of marriage for another bodyguard  (after shacking up, producing children, and then marrying and divorcing their bodyguard daddy).  Grace Kelly’s “wild child” (her affectionate term) daughter resided in a trailer in a kind of common-law marriage with an animal trainer (yeah!) accompanied by her other half-royal children until recently.

Their father, Prince Rainier III must have thought Princess Grace was revolving in her grave.  He had a particular fixation with illegitimacy too in the royal house, as well as he might fear, because of the record of adoptions and of legitimizing possible heirs to keep the dynasty going.  The woman who married Albert had to be single and unencumbered, Catholic, classy and cultured, cool under pressure like Grace Kelly, and able to outmaneuver the paparazzi.  And preferably, white.

Princess Charlene wore the 1200-karat diamond and sapphire Ocean Necklace–which could be converted into a tiara–from Van Cleef and Arpels.  The American jeweler was Princess Grace’s official jeweler once upon a time, so apparently there is a sentimental nod to the beloved mother of the current prince as well as to his new wife. These rocks were much remarked upon; it made some wonder whether this was one of Albert’s appeasement prizes, as well as a wedding gift.

Here goes:

What do I think about the possibility of Princess Charlene striking off Nicole Coste from the social calendar, and Charlene telling Albert that he can do without seeing his ex-lovers as friends? It could be true. I mean, that is what the vows mean: forsaking all others. That’s her price for constancy–temporary or otherwise–and for delivering a legitimate royal heir.  And then again, Nicole Coste may not have been on the guest list in the first place.

Nicole Coste in a gold gown (Courtesy: GossipRocks)

I don’t like that one of the Princess’ supposed demands is that the man–no matter what his principles–cannot see or interact with his outside children, barring any hanky-panky with their mothers. Because I think that this is really what is behind it.  Wrong is wrong. They didn’t ask to come here.  Alexandre is still a minor child who must live with his mother, and  Jazmin Grimaldi is now 19 and reportedly attending Fordham University–a private Catholic institution.  Her mother could talk with him about Jazmin’s progress–as she saw it.  All in all, I am sure that they would like to continue to see their father, but sometimes their mothers will have to be involved, socially or not.  As Albert told Paris Match some years back, “What matters to me is they are certain of my affection for them.”  

Such a demand stigmatizes the children, who are really no threat to the succession or to the marriage.  If Charlene made that demand, it was not necessary, and to me, it seems rather insensitive, cruel and petty.  It makes Charlene out to be unduly threatened by the past.  Which makes me wonder if this is truly who the Princess of Monaco is.   From all reports, Grace Kelly wasn’t like that.   If this is Charlene, this woman has issues.

Albert didn’t just hand out the child and education support under the glare of the paparazzi. He tried to see them on a regular basis informally and privately.

But if the rumor is true, in singling out Nicole Coste first by name, the European media must have figured that the Togolese former flight attendant was a sore point with Princess Charlene. They might have also counted on the anger, jealousy , consternation some white women in their readership might feel against a black woman (or woman of color) who succeeded with a powerful white man when they had failed.  This is what makes this all the more notorious and scandalous.  Yes, Tamara Rotolo was also mentioned, but she is way back in the USA.   Rotolo is not as close in proximity as Coste is.  And while the notorious Coste is mentioned prominently on the gossip pages, no one has counted the other unnamed women (or men for that matter) in the vicinity and elsewhere who have been his lovers and friends.

I can well imagine how, year in and year out, during the engagement, Wittstock must have watched Coste appear–especially after Albert assumed the throne–at functions and events as a recognized long-time friend and invited guest of the bachelor Sovereign Prince, knowing that this woman had borne his son. She could do nothing to banish Coste, at least not yet, from the festivities if not from her sight. Coste might have been as well-dressed and as sparkling as Wittstock was. Which probably made some people wonder who was really the lady of the palace.

The socialites and minor nobles and celebrities must have tittered in their seats, and sent some curve balls across Wittstock’s dinner plate.  How do I know something about this?  Wittstock herself said that she considers only two people as her friends in Monaco, and I hope that they are her sisters-in-law.

It must have been a bitter pill to swallow on some charity ball nights to be compared with an attractive, allegedly former mistress who, except for the fact of her blackness, could have produced the heir.  Charlene must have wondered when she really was going to take a walk to the altar.

Well, Charlene has taken that walk and she is the wife and consort of Prince Albert. She deserves that much respect, whether it is a patched-up marriage or not. Still, though, if the rumor is true, I think  eventually that if Albert don’t wanna, he don’t hafta.  A guy like him does not change his stripes overnight.

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  1. It would be very detrimental to the children if their father does not have a relationship with them. The mothers on all occasions must converse with the prince about the children. This is necessary. Princess Charlene better stop acting like a fool. It would be more embarrassing if the children eventually go astray and end up in all sorts of trouble and in the hands of the police. I hope that Prince Albert does not ever neglect his children for anyone, not even his wife. They need him as a father. In later years he may regret not seeing them. On the other hand, his wife is not sure if she will be blessed with healthy, normal children, so she better try to be good to the children.


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