South Africa, You Don’t Know Eddie Long Like We Know Eddie Long

Saw this yesterday at The RootThey, in turn, got this from a blog called Elev8.  In his case, the name of the blog is unfortunate.

Bishop Eddie Long has taken to the evangelical road, specifically to Africa, to drum up new followers and devotées.   Probably because the eyes of the members of his Atlanta-area flock are continuing to glaze over and are opening wide.  As a result, the purses and wallets are slamming shut.   Not just because of what he did, but frankly, there is a depression on…

And what Africans–South Africans included–don’t know about him and the charges of sexual abuse against young black men is a kind of blessing for him–for the moment.  What they don’t know about Bishop Long won’t hurt.  Yet.  All it will take is for a few new followers to take one or two cruises on the WWW for someone to alight on this blog or some others regarding Long’s shenanigans.  And this news will spread.  Many–but not all–black South Africans resist people who are gay or bi–and some have been relatives, childhood friends, parents .  Murders against lesbians and gays sometimes take a particularly gruesome turn, as if it is a warning against any others getting out of line.  If you think the United States is too homophobic, just wait until you leave this country for another.  Black South Africans don’t like people who are sexual abusers, but they erroneously lump them with gays or the abuse with gay sexual behavior.  Some even believe that homosexuals are something that the colonizers brought in to subvert black men and women, while ignoring or discarding their own clan or tribe traditions regarding sexuality in favor of Christianity.

Oh, yeah.  Everyone is taken up with Long’s preaching style.  He does have that thing, if that is what some people like.  But oh, what they don’t know.

~ by blksista on August 18, 2011.

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