Sarah Palin: Okay, So She Did A Black Guy. That, However, May Explain a Whole Lotta Other Things

This is one of cartoonist Garry Trudeau's panels this week regarding the Joe McGinniss exposé on Sarah Palin; unfortunately, some of the nation's leading newspapers are too chickenshit to run them (Courtesy: WaPo via Universal UClick )

Yes, I am still on hiatus for a couple more weeks, but this was too good for me to ignore. The Joe McGinniss tell-all, Rogue: Searching for The Real Sarah Palin, about the Witch from Wasilla has been on the back burner for quite a while, so it was bound to get a little play for what he dug up before it is released next week. And boy, did these excerpts from The Enquirer as well as The New York Times get all of our attention. It’s gonna rehash everything, true or not, about this extremely repellent woman.

However, her one-night tryst with ex-baller Glen Rice is getting most of the press, and after seeing this choice info raked over the coals since Wednesday afternoon, I’m getting a little bored (and tired of getting beaten over the head) with the aspect of The Swirl. Because at this day and age, The Swirl is no surprise and is almost passé.  Many black folks and other people of color have come to expect it among certain entertainers, athletes and politicians large and small.  When Kim Kardashian announced her upcoming nuptials, I expected that her intended was going to be a brother, regardless of skin tone.  That was Kim’s MO.

The reason why the titillation factor is way up on this piece of news is that Sarah Palin is the queen of the Tea Party movement  (although equally brunette, equally nutty  Michelle Bachmann could give her a run for her money on this designation).  And Baggers don’t like black people, particularly that black president sitting in the Oval Office and living in the White House.

Now, there is a miniscule percentage of blacks who are attracted to and have joined the Tea Party as well and have issues with President Obama to the point of wanting to tar and feather him or even to empty a few bullets into his “socialist” behind.  Winger blacks to me are always misguided and a few bricks short of a load among us.  They have That Look.   I wonder exactly how they grew up or were raised.

But the white Baggers  seem almost like Klan members in their rhetoric.  (In fact, the Klan and neo-Nazi organizations have infiltrated or tried to recruit from Bagger organizations.)  I can imagine smelling the gasoline and seeing pieces of their robes sticking out from their briefcases, or peeping from under shirts and slacks and skirts.  And there was no one else, other than Democrat Hillary Clinton and her erstwhile husband, who ignited as much outrage over her racially-charged dog whistles and demagoguery during the 2008 presidential campaign than Sarah Palin.

I subscribe, like others, to the idea that the more someone hollers over something or someone who occupies the fringes of the mainstream like gays or blacks or immigrants, the more they have something to hide about their own past, behaviors and ancestry.   And I can readily believe the story about Palin and Rice.  It was fucking, no more and no less, and not love.  Just lust.   Nothing wrong with just that.  And on her part, I think that  she was probably curious, adventurous and going for broke.   On this point,  I refuse to slut-shame Sarah Palin neé Heath, and that includes her equally curious sister, Molly, who allegedly supplied the dorm room where Palin and Rice got down to business.

And evidently, Palin enjoyed the sex, although she seemed to back-track as if trying to retain her whiteness cred.  She was an attractive, athletic young woman, single and unfettered with kids, and he was an attractive, athletic younger man with no real entanglements.   She probably was not a virgin when this encounter occurred.   Did she want more from Rice?  According to the story, she stayed in contact with him for nine months before she became pregnant and decided to elope with Todd Palin.   So she may have hoped to get more from Rice as an alternative to Todd, to attract him to come back to Alaska on his own.  Rice was game, but he was essentially too busy with his own collegiate, almost pro basketball career.   She was too far away for him, and this ultimately proved convenient for him.   She turned out to be just an interesting lay to him.   And women don’t like that at all.

Rippa from The Intersection of Madness and Reality had this to say:

I think Glen turned her ass out, and kicked her to the curb; and thus began her hatred and resentment for all things of color. Yes, especially men of color who have taken advantage of entitlements only to rise to the position of being the most powerful person in the world. Yes, sounds crazy I know. But why then did she elope with Todd less than one year after being dicked down by Glen Rice? Wanna know why? Todd is part Eskimo or some shit like that; in Alaska he’s a minority. I’m just thinking her thought process had to be:  any minority is just as good as another.

Especially since Todd looks white and can be brought home to mommy and daddy.

Like any other guy, black or white, Rice could have strung her along for a while over the telephone and finally disappointed her.  And this episode may indeed have soured her on black men and black people overall.  It was never about kumbaya for her with Rice; it was about a relationship. One doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to see the connection.  And frankly, as seen before, a white man or woman can be racist and still marry black or Latino or Asian or Native American.

I’m willing to say that there probably were other mitigating circumstances in her transition to the Dark Side of American Politics, like her own husband’s propensity in high school, according to McGinniss’ account, to get a few other white guys together to beat up and threaten the one or two black guys matriculating for no reason whatsoever except that they were black.    Add to this, Todd’s later dubious ties to racist and winger movements, which includes getting close with right-wing apostolic Christians as well as a white secessionist movement in Alaska and well, you can get the picture.

If Todd Palin didn’t know about Glen Rice, then he’s more of a dupe than I thought, and to me, this would explain the affair with Hanson.  But if Todd did know, his rage and need for revenge would taken yet another form.  It wouldn’t preclude him from considering Sarah Heath as damaged goods for being with a black man, but it would aid him in immersing Sarah further in his skewed world view, and making sure there would be no other black males worth admiring.

It all makes perfect sense, and explains how easily Sarah Palin was able to slide those dog whistles about Barack Obama off her lips.   In her eyes, Obama was only the latest manifestation of a black man that she had already met.  Unfortunately for her, there are black men, and then there are other black men.  Not all black men are the same,  but I think that Palin, like  her husband and some other whites, has never cared to find that out.

A much more sophisticated, confident and attractive individual–like a Kim Kardashian–would have brushed herself off and moved on to the next black guy if that proved to be her taste.   Or Palin could have gone on to another city in the Lower 48 where she could find more opportunities of meeting some better black guys, thus changing American history.  She may not have become governor of Alaska, and we may not have heard of her at all.   However, to be sure,  Rice was probably her first–and her last–black man, and a black man of consequence.   And she stayed home and married Todd, perhaps settling for less. Rapacious and grasping she may be, Palin is not that sophisticated–never was.  She’d bring a sledgehammer to crack a sack of nuts.

I think Palin saw what her choices were in Alaska, and that they were pretty slim to this ambitious woman when it came to interesting men who were going somewhere, and who were also well-equipped where it counted.   Like all females, she looked for difference, even in someone who might be considered exotic, even with a frisson of danger.  (The former is where I think Todd Palin comes in with his Native American ancestry.)  Before any sistas make any suggestions that they would have done better than Palin with Rice, I doubt that they would have.  In this case, it does not matter that you are coming from the same culture, and thus “know” your man.  Too much knowledge, to some men, is a dangerous thing.  And for all intents and purposes, Glen Rice was not looking for a sista.

Later, Rice married Cristina Fernandez, a Latina who looks white and who also looks nothing like Palin, and had three children by her. She appeared on The Real Housewives of Miami on Bravo, but the Rices are now divorced.  His son Glen Rice Jr., who is now 21,  plays for Georgia Tech, and wears his dad’s number that he wore in college and as a pro.  Junior seems to have inherited his father’s skills; let’s hope that he hasn’t inherited any more of dad’s traits that might get him into trouble.  Like being stopped for DUIs, for example.  Or for beating up a boyfriend of his mom.

I’m not going to go into Palin’s alleged six-month escapade with her husband’s business partner, an occasion which only proves to me once more how highly sexed this woman is.  And that vibrating aura of sex, along with her attractiveness and other talents, is also what brought her to candidate Senator John McCain, who over the decades has racked up quite a reputation for overly-appreciating female pulchritude, often to his own detriment.  I believe that McCain is still being blamed in more rational Republican quarters for bringing Palin onto the national political stage, because he let his dick do the thinking instead of bringing in Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota or “Holy” Joe Lieberman of Connecticut as his running mate.  If McCain hadn’t made Palin his running mate, he might have been president.

I still remember that campaign photograph (and video) of McCain surreptitiously checking out Sarah Palin’s ass/ets as she made a speech on their behalf, while thinking that he wasn’t being obvious.  He was twiddling with his wedding ring, too.   He was paying more attention to her body than to her brain, and instead of what she was saying.   And millions of other American men were also doing the exact same thing. There were times when even he had to check Palin’s rhetoric, though by that time, the damage had been done, and there were two Republican presidential campaigns going on, not just one.

What interests me in the wake of these new disclosures is how at the same time Palin could say those hateful, murderous things about Obama–another powerful, intellectual even, and attractive black man–and say even more now that he is president, and yet I think that she could get moist in the panties about him.  I kid you not about this; it’s akin to the pleasure some white men got out of lynching black men.  As  Susan Brison said in a 2004 article about the connections between torture and porn published in The Chronicle of Higher Education, “…[R]acial animus can amount to a kind of giddy arousal.” That’s how crazy attraction and repulsion can be when it comes to sex and love among blacks and whites, and it also could explain the lengths to which Sarah Palin did go in 2008, and how far she might be willing to go in the future.

It’s not a pretty sight, and neither is she.

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