A Great, Big Pumpkin Grows in Connecticut (Via Time Lapse Camera)

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I saw this over at HuffPo, and frankly, this booger is big.  A lot of pumpkin patches were wiped out in Connecticut and elsewhere on the East Coast in the wake of Hurricane Irene, but not this patch and not this pumpkin.  Weighing at 1,487.5 pounds, I’m sure there are going to be some other locales and states that are going to be in competition with this gourd, and we’ll be hearing from those fairs and festivals pretty soon as harvest time progresses and Thanksgiving (gulp!) starts coming on with a vengeance.   However, bear in mind that this pun’kin  is 40 lbs. over the former state record setter, but it is at least 400 lbs. less than the Guinness Book of World Records-registered pumpkin grown by American Chris Stevens and presented at the Stillwater Harvest Fest in Stillwater, Minnesota on October 9, 2010.

Ken Desrosiers, of Broad Brook, started growing the pumpkin at the end of June. Day by day, he’s meticulously recorded its growth by setting up a camera to take photos of it every 15 minutes.

The weigh-in took place at the Durham Fair on Wednesday evening (September 21), where dozens of pumpkin growers brought their large gourds to compete in the annual event.  Desrosiers’ pumpkin weighed in at 1487-½ lbs.

The top three contestants with the largest pumpkins took home cash, equal to $1 per pound of their pumpkin’s weight.   The smallest pumpkin at the fair weighed in at 87 lbs.

So, see how this particular gourd grew up and out within two-and-a-half months.   Of course, pumpkins this big are hardly good eating, but they–and their seeds–are very interesting nonetheless.

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