Eddie Murphy with Leno on “The Tonight Show,” Eleven One Eleven

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Eddie Murphy has been on a roll lately.  I just hope that on one level, in these interviews, that he isn’t talking smack, or on another, that by the time he gets to host the Oscars, his welcome will have been worn out and people will be bored.  Anyway, I can see that all of this publicity is in aid of the upcoming Tower Heist, with the likes of Ben Stiller and Matthew Broderick Tower Heist opens this weekend; it’s been said that this is Eddie’s comeback movie.  (I hope so.  From what I’ve been reading, though, Matthew Broderick may have run away with this flick.)  However, according to Shadow and Act, Tower Heist was supposed to have been a summit of black comics, including Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan (ew!) and Dave Chappelle.  Man, I dream dreams about that kind of movie.  Eddie still wants to do that kind of movie one of these days, but my feeling is that the script had better be dang  good.  I still have mixed feelings about Harlem Nights.

The Oscar MC gig has also gotten him a Rolling Stone interview that Leno references.  In it, he says that he may return to stand-up and that the kiddie films may be a thing of the past.  Added to this is how he’s gotten over his bitterness about Saturday Night Live, and how he really felt when he walked out of the Oscars a couple of years ago.  But not all of that is in the Leno interview; it’s mostly encouragement from Leno and the audience to do stand-up again.  I will say, if Eddie does get some really good material up (along with his brother Charlie, who provided a lot to Dave Chapelle) and some dates, those tickets would command some really LARGE cash.

This is Part 2 of the Leno interview.

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And then, good lord have mercy, Eddie came in on the Turtle Man‘s gig.  Or rather, he was invited into the conversation early on.  That dude was laughing big time; he could not help it.  I know Eddie was thinking of collecting that one for some kind of stand-up material.  Take a look:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Oh well.  I will say too, Eddie was looking good last night.  As he has aged, Eddie has looked rather less himself when he was younger.  Don’t get me wrong.  You always take a taste of your younger, recognizable self when you get older, despite your genes.  Instead, Eddie has resembled someone who looked dissipated, disappointed, tired and older.   This, to me, has seemingly tarnished his looks, like crazy episodes involving that marriage that wasn’t a marriage with Tracey Edmonds, and awful, bitter, retrograde films like Norbit.  Something was wrong then.  Not last night.  The vibe was right.  Maybe he has turned a few pages.

I think that if Eddie did have some cosmetic help, more power to him that he didn’t overdo it.   Maybe living alone raising his younger kids and keeping track of his grown children or having his own life (NNDB still describes Eddie’s sexuality as a “matter of dispute”) has mellowed him inside as well; he describes himself as being semi-retired.  He looked refreshed, confident, and 50.  Yes, Eddie Murphy is 50, and has eight children.  His oldest son is 22, old enough to wear that leather outfit his dad wore in Notorious, if he still has it.   One of these days, Eddie Murphy will be a grandfather.  We all must grow up sometime.  And so it goes.

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