Hugh Grant, Baby Daddy

Actor Hugh Grant, photographed this past April with Tinglan Hong, a Chinese actress who is rumored to be the mother of his baby daughter, who was born in late September. As you can see, the big purse is definitely in front of Hong's tummy (Courtesy: Daily Mail)

At least this cat isn’t trying to lie about it or claim that the mommy was ho’ing with a few other guys and not him. From all accounts, Hugh Grant’s happy to become a father at 51, although the fling that produced the baby girl isn’t about to become permanent.  Grant is terrifically private about his personal life these days, and even more so since his name cropped up during the scandal involving Rupert Murdoch’s tabloids hacking cell phones owned by celebrities and politicians and even murder victims.  Early this spring, the Daily Mail suggested in its gossip pages that his latest girlfriend was indeed pregnant by Grant, but Grant nor his spokespeople refused to confirm this.  Not now.  From the Daily Telegraph:

On Tuesday night, a spokesman for the Bridget Jones and About a Boy actor confirmed the news but declined to say who the baby’s mother was.

“I can confirm that Hugh Grant is the delighted father of a baby girl,” she said.

“He and the mother had a fleeting affair and while this was not planned, Hugh could not be happier or more supportive.

“He and the mother have discussed everything and are on very friendly terms.”

Hong, 32, was reported to have been showing a small baby bump in April when she was photographed leaving Grant’s £3 million home in Chelsea, west London.

The name of the child has not yet been released.  Grant has said in interviews that he was ready to be a father and step up to his responsibilities, but marriage was yet another thing entirely.  Strange but true, but whatever.

For all of the people who are boo-hooing the fact that Grant is in his early fifties and is producing children, the fact remains that some men like him, Cary Grant (no relation) and even Tony Randall have had children late in life, whether within marriage or not. Grant can still legitimize his daughter outside of marriage with Ms. Hong, and help to raise and to support the child financially. Really, this is no big deal.

The big deal to me is that Hugh Grant stepped up, and this time I applaud him for doing just that.  This is not Daniel Cleaver acting a fool.   I am so effing tired of hearing about guys who won’t be responsible for their own sexual deeds or sexual health, and who will readily blame  and slut-shame the woman for getting pregnant (or getting an STD).  Ya know?  Sometimes it is not about trapping the guy at all, whether he has money or not.

Cary Grant relished raising his child, Jennifer Grant, long after he and Dyan Cannon parted. Dyan Cannon, in her recent memoir about her former husband, even suggests that Grant anticipated having children with her during their four-year courtship, which made it easy for him to consider retiring from acting in 1964.

So, I’m glad for Hugh Grant and his daughter.  Let’s hope that both will have happy lives through the ups and downs.

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