Coming Attractions: Cain, Mitrice, Heavy D, Conrad Murray and More

Sorry it’s been kinda quiet lately, but one must work.  I’m also working on stories regarding the Herman “I’ve never seen that woman in my life”  Cain controversy, the sudden death of rapper Heavy D, and the recent settling of the damage suits filed by the parents of Mitrice Richardson, and Sheriff Baca being held in contempt by most Angeleno County residents for Mitrice’s needless death and more.

I’ll also have some comments on the conviction of Dr. (if you can call him that) Conrad Murray for Michael’s death, and Ohio‘s reinstatement of collective bargaining, as well as some other stories I’ve come across.

We’re getting the first blasts of winter today in Mad City and I’ve got to start work early this afternoon.  Yeah, snow.  So you’ll be hearing from me pretty soon, probably starting late tonight.  Yall be careful out there.


~ by blksista on November 9, 2011.

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