Centino Kemp, Bishop Long Accuser, Claims Suicide Attempt, But The Other Accusers and Some Friends Aren’t Buying His Story

Looks like Centino has blown the money already with a split personality.

Even I’m wondering about this young brother’s veracity.  I found this over at Crunk  & Disorderly; the story is about four days old.  You be the judge.  Dale Russell, as always, is on the case.

Kemp said his alter-ego called “Wild Child Kemp” saved his life by convincing the young man to stay alive, when Kemp attempted to commit suicide three weeks after lawsuits against Long were filed in Atlanta.

He was admitted to the DeKalb Mental Health Center, Fox 5 reports. He reportedly told therapists he had been “sexually and physically abused for six years by Pastor E. Long.”

“I was in a dark place, I can say that,” Kemp, who sported a leather outfit studded with metal spikes during the interview, told the reporter.

“I would just tell you, everything is not as it seems. Nothing is real. And everything that glitters isn’t gold,” he said when asked about his relationship with Long.

But Kemp’s most recent acquaintances,queried by Fox 5 News, might call the whole thing a figment of Centino’s fertile imagination, which includes him being famous (or notorious) and rich.

[…] Willie Alexander and Jayson Cobb met Centino after the Bishop Long settlement.  After hanging out with him for months, they both question his story.

“He sits up all night on the Internet and watches Eddie’s online sermons,” Alexander said.

Both say they don’t understand why Kemp had no pictures, notes, e-mails or anything from Bishop Long.  As for Centino’s tattoo on his wrist that says Eddie Long, Alexander said, “He told me he had it some years ago but that tattoo looks recent.”

Kemp told Dale Russell that his friends are just mad at him because he stopped giving them money.

After Centino Kemp sat down for the I-Team interview, his publicist released promotional material for an autobiographical book called “First Lady.” The book promises tales of the “lust, violence, sex, and lies” that surrounded Kemp’s long-term relationship with a renowned African-American bishop.

Alexander has read a draft of the book.

“He hasn’t had a relationship with nobody. He don’t know how to deal with people,” said Alexander.

Kemp’s friends say they saw the settlement documents that showed Kemp was paid $150,000. They say legal fees and expenses were deducted.

The I-Team confirmed the amount paid to Kemp was $94,149.81.

“I’ve died and come back to life, literally,” Kemp said.


My lingering question is, how did Centino Kemp meet Eddie Long?  Before the scandal broke, Long traveled everywhere, visiting other churches and congregations including  in the Caribbean, where this young man was living at one point.  It is probable that Kemp may have been some teenage rough trade Long met on his trips, and that it may have continued elsewhere, but there is no evidence for this.  Else, why would Long even pay Centino Kemp anything, if his case was fake?  What was he afraid of if he didn’t pay him?  Jamal Parris and Spencer LeGrande were recently interviewed for an Atlanta radio station, V103, and they are adamant that they had never seen Kemp before at New Birth and feel that he is an opportunist.

After hearing on The Ryan Report earlier today that a male reportedly involved in the Bishop Eddie Long case, Centino Kemp, had written a book titled The First Lady, two men who accused Long of sexual misconduct – a lawsuit that Long settled – called The Ryan Cameron Show to give their take on the unpublished work.

“One, we are not gay,” Spencer LeGrande said, with Jamal Parris also on the line. “The anal [expletive] never happened to us.”

From there, the two talked about what they believe to be the motive behind Kemp’s book, their mental state, why they have security for themselves and their family now and what might happen if they ever met Kemp.

One more thing, brothers.  Fcking a man doesn’t make you gay at that same moment.  It’s what is in the mind and in the emotions.   Some straight men rape men to humiliate them as well as to gain sexual satisfaction.

Furthermore, I don’t think that Parris and Le Grande were speaking out of jealousy regarding Kemp’s novel.  I think that they are serious about letting people know what sexual abuse of black youth is about, and I think that they are alarmed that Kemp is throwing shade on their efforts.  On the other hand, I feel that their own homophobia–the constant denial and proving that they are not gay because they were forced to participate against their wills in what clearly were homosexual acts– is evident.  It is helped along by the current culture in the black community that gay men are not real men.  But hey, even gay men have different ideas about what constitutes a real man and it is not simply based on sex or physical attractiveness.

Everything is not as it seems, huh?   Coming from Centino Kemp, it sounds less psychedelic than positively weird.   This mess, as usual, is not over and this episode only adds to its notoriety.  The long death of the ministry of Bishop Eddie Long continues.

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2 Responses to “Centino Kemp, Bishop Long Accuser, Claims Suicide Attempt, But The Other Accusers and Some Friends Aren’t Buying His Story”

  1. The only reason I believe Centino is that he went into confidential negotiations and came out with a check. He didn’t even have to join the lawsuit. Eddie took one look at him and gave him the money, no fuss, no fight.
    Centino seems to be a very flamboyant and dramatic young man – you can watch logo and see folks just like him. His so called friends seem suspect to me and a little bitter that he took the rest of his money and left.


    • I believe that something did happen between them as well. I think one night, Long may have picked him up off the street somewhere, but it probably wasn’t in Atlanta, where everyone would know who Long was.

      For me, I need timelines, meeting places, etc. None of this flash and mystery–I need facts. That’s why I wonder. And it’s true, these young men don’t look like real friends, but street hangers-on. I don’t think they’ve got that apartment on Peachtree for too much longer, if Centino has left them.


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