That Bootsy Collins “Old Navy” Commercial

It’s slated to run through November 23; Bootsy sent the link to this commercial via his Facebook stream.  He also Tweets @Old Navy, saluting the line of boots that the company has released this year.  Bootsy Collins is their resident “bootologist” suggesting that customers “get more sole.”  Below is the nearly three-minute long Old Navy commercial introducing customers to “Funnovations, Inc.” and inviting them to “come fun, come all” to the factory.   At one point, it also seems like a trip down Memory Lane for some who were fans of Dr. Funkenstein in his lab back in the day.

Advertising Age has the story:

Old Navy is officially scrapping the marketing campaign led by departed chief marketing officer Amy Curtis-McIntyre in favor of a completely new campaign, Funnovations Inc., which will debut Thursday (Nov. 3) and be in heavy rotation, with new creative debuting almost weekly, through the holiday season.

Old Navy Records, which replaced the Supermodelquins campaign in February, failed to drive traffic and was deemed “ineffective” by Glenn Murphy, Gap Inc.‘s chairman-CEO. Old Navy execs had been working to evolve the campaign to better connect with target consumers — 25- to 35-year-old women — but Tom Wyatt, Old Navy’s president, said that the overall concept just didn’t resonate. The retailer posted positive sales at stores open at least a year in just two of the eight months the campaign ran. Sales results for October will be reported on Thursday.

From the looks of it, the campaign appears to be positively Willy Wonka-like.  However, I’m not sure whether the demographic wants to be addressed in this manner.  It looks rather condecending.  And while it passes the cute test, it’s more a commercial for baby sisters than for their older college-age to career-starting siblings.

I hardly think Bootsy’s sold out.  One must make some cash here and there, even if it is not on stage.  A shame that Bootsy’s not riffing on this commercial, something which is noted by some of the purists over at the Talk Bass Forum.  But this definitely isn’t about Bootsy, but Bootsy lending his name to the commercial.

Do I like Old Navy‘s clothes?  Sometimes.  It’s just not my speed, and frankly, they don’t serve my size and they don’t target women my age.  At times, the apparel looks downright cheesy, but who am I?  I’m more a J.Jill, Lane Bryant and One Stop Plus kinda gal.

Plus,I’m just glad they got rid of the mannequins.  That series was getting positively weird.

Bootsy celebrated his 60th birthday on October 26.   On November 1, he appeared at the Cincinnati City Council meeting testifying on behalf of extending emergency dental care to uninsured patients.  It appears that a young nephew of the funkster, 24-year-old Kyle Willis, died because of an infected wisdom tooth in September.  An uninsured single father, Willis was convinced that it would cost too much for him to visit a dentist or to take antibiotics.  Untreated, the infection spread to Willis’ brain, and it killed him.

Bootsy’s most recent appearance was on Jimmy Fallon’s show with the stars of  Yo Gabba Gabba, Erykah Badu, Mark Mothersbaugh, and The Roots, among others.  He also stopped by and played during Snoop Dogg‘s 40th birthday party at the Rolling Stone  Lounge in Hollywood in October.

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