Girl Racing With Pet Camel, Film at 11

I saw this 30-second piece on NBC’s Today Show, and I thought that it was sweet–but not too sickly sweet–to run here.

Nessie the dromedary camel is possibly one of the largest of  Alex’s family of humans and animals, because Nessie’s foster brother, Baby, may outdo her.  Their exploits are to be found here at  They live in Arizona, which makes perfect sense.

Here’s what Alex has to say:

Racing with my Camel. Nessie and I have been doing this since she was a couple weeks old. We walk together, then turn around…I say, “Go!” and we run!!!

She runs really crazy and I try to stay out of her way. Nessie LOVES to run. And she usually wins… 🙂

I seem to remember reading that long ago, this country experimented with the possibility of having camels deliver the mail or drayage a la The Pony ExpressIt didn’t work, so there were a few camels that may have been let go in desert-like areas in California and Texas and allowed to forage and take care of themselves, or at least until they died out or were killed by predators.

I don’t exactly approve of  exotic and rather dangerous animals like ‘gators, snakes, big cats, or primates running around free in homes in suburbia or farmland.  We’ve heard and seen of what occurs with hapless owners and friends or neighbors of owners when they go wild on them.

But this is rather different.  Camels, like mules and cattle, are rather easily domesticated.  Nessie runs–well, like a camel.  With legs splayed out, there is no grace at all to her gallumping, but there is obvious joy with this animal running with her owner friend.   They have been doing this since Nessie first stood up and faced the world under Alex’s care.  Even in old camel age, Nessie will enjoy her runs with Alex.  It’s like a renewal of their life bond together.

My favorite wild animals are whales and porpoises, giraffes, koalas and skunks.  Yes, skunks.  They are not all about stinkiness.  I think these should belong in their natural habitat, but I am not averse to seeing them well taken care of in zoos or other areas in this country.   However, after seeing this and a couple of other documentaries, I think camels, or at least young camels, are coming close.

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