That Kohl’s “Gotta Go to Kohl’s on Black Friday” Commercial

Just when you thought that it was safe to watch or listen to media again, that song is now part of a national advertising campaign for a department store chain.

Of course, the lyrics have been changed for the campaign, but some industry watchers are wondering whether Kohl’s made a big mistake in using “Friday” by Rebecca Black.  The New York Daily News‘ unscientific poll has the song running neck and neck between outright hatred and outright delight from television viewers.

“Black Friday, Black Friday, gotta go to Kohl’s on Black Friday,” the actress Julie Mann sings through the store, grabbing items off shelves. “Everybody’s going there at midnight, midnight.”

Advertising critics are wondering if Kohl’s hasn’t made a mistake by choosing “Friday,” a song whose main claim to fame is how annoying it is.

“You can argue Kohl’s is doing irreparable damage to its brand by associating itself with Black‘s “Friday;” wondered AdRants. “Or you can laud the brand for latching on to something that’s guaranteed to garner a significant amount of conversation, discussion and publicity.”

In April, at the height of the [original] song’s popularity, the low-budget video was viewed online more than Lady Gaga‘s “Born This Way” and Justin Bieber‘s “Pray,” according to Visible Measures, a company that tracks performance of Web videos.

Unfortunately, in August, it was announced that 14-year-old Black would be home schooled because of taunts and bullying by high school classmates who are either jealous of her fame/notoriety or hate that song with a passion.  One juvenile music critic asked her–presumably on You Tube–to “cut yourself and … get an eating disorder so you’ll look pretty.”  Excuse me?  Aren’t there better ways to show you don’t like something?  Like turning to another channel or station?

The song is catchy, which means that this child is a good songwriter, but blame the media for once for running this particular song into the ground.  And dare I say it: catchy, ingenious, and happy songs may have a tendency to piss off the sourly disposed.  Too much heavy metal and hip-hop, perhaps?

Well, once Black Friday does arrive, this commercial will be history.  And then you ‘ll be able to get it out of your brain until the next time…

~ by blksista on November 22, 2011.

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