Ricochet: Now Vanessa Long IS Divorcing The Bishop (w/Update)

UPDATE (12/3/11, 7:03 p.m.):

Thanks to The Mo’Kelly Report, this is the pdf of Vanessa Griffin Long’s divorce petition.

UPDATE (12/3/11, 5:45 p.m.):

Reader frodosdojo led me to a pdf (see below) of the Vanessa Long announcement that she was withdrawing her divorce petition.  Apparently, this announcement did not come from Long herself, but from her soon-to-be ex-husband’s people on the New Birth stationary.  I saw something else too this p.m.  from 11Alive News in Atlanta, and I have put in bold the most important parts to remember:

Early Friday evening, a statement from Vanessa Long’s attorney, Michael W. Tyler, said in part, “Mrs. Long continues to hope that this matter may be resolved expeditiously, harmoniously and fairly; however, she has determined that dismissal of her divorce petition is not appropriate at this time.

The statement goes on to say that any further communications from Vanessa Long will come from her attorneys, and that at this point, she has no further comment on the matter.


Vanessa Long’s petition for divorce stated she was filing “upon the ground that the marriage between the parties is irretrievably broken.” Documents filed with the Superior Court of DeKalb County said the couple was “currently living in a bona fide state of separation.”

Long’s petition added that there was “no hope of reconciliation of the parties” and that it was “in the best interest of all parties concerned that this marriage be terminated.”  

She asked for “temporary and permanent alimony,” “an equitable division of the marital property” and “separate, non-marital property.”

What do I think?   It fits with my earlier scenario that Eddie Long probably tried to induce his soon-to-be ex-wife to drop her suit in the wee-wee hours of the morning, complete with scriptures, begging, and seduction.  Then he probably dashed back to New Birth to concoct that statement when dawn broke.  Only thing is, Vanessa woke up from the vampire’s kiss and spoke to her lawyers.  Must have been that crucifix around her neck.  If any of this is true, Eddie Long did himself no favors trying to stave off the inevitable.  He and his people have made his situation all the worse, not only among his remaining parishioners, but among all other observers and the public.   The guy appears to be running desperate.  Desperate.  He is not being served well by his advisers.  It doesn’t appear that he has even lawyered up, because even an attorney would tell him not to do anything stupid.  Here is his statement from Friday evening:

God has blessed us with a wonderful family. Vanessa is, and has always been, a loving, dedicated and committed wife and Mother. My love for her is deep and unwavering. It remains our sincere desire to continue working together in seeking God’s Will in these circumstances. We will do so as privately as possible and with a spirit of love and sensitivity to our family. We ask that you be in prayer for our family and that we be allowed to privately pursue this important path without need, or request from the media, for further comment.

Umph.  I hope someone is going to write a book about all this, especially to make sense of this timeline.


I saw this last night when I came home from work.  The announcement came around 8 p.m. EST, according to MSNBC.   After stating that she was divorcing Eddie Long on Thursday, Vanessa Griffin Long changed her mind Friday and said that after spending time “in prayer” with her husband that previous night into morning, she was withdrawing her divorce petition.  Like The Mo’Kelly Report said, she was gotten to:

Anybody who knows ANYTHING about a divorce knows that it takes weeks to appropriately draw up divorce papers, saying nothing of the millions of dollars of assets and child custody arrangements that must also be addressed.

Meaning, a decision (and action) to file for divorce in a situation such as this one does not happen in a fit of rage or emotional whimsicality.

Somebody must have gotten to Vanessa Long…

Know what I think?  I think that the rat pulled out all the stops, just as he did with those young men that he fondled and who knows what else when they got interested in girls and women, pressuring them with chapters from the good book and admonishments with the force of his personality to remain “pure,” to break up with the girls, and thus stay under his control.  I think the payoff was sexual intimacy to keep Vanessa as his wife, and thus not run away with the rest of his money and most importantly, with the rest of his shredded reputation.  I mean, after all, she has not been intimate with any man for several months since this mess started.  As MSNBC said, “According to the divorce petition filed Thursday in DeKalb Superior Court, the couple is “currently living in a bona fide state of separation.”   Think of that as an opportunity Eddie Long couldn’t miss.  And it is not an unlikely scenario when women are contemplating divorce from an errant, but particularly seductive husband.

But like the young men, the reconciliation didn’t take in the light of day.  Not when Vanessa has an attorney or two who will outline the repercussions of what such a reconciliation would entail, and who also know what the process of divorcing–legally sundering a relationship–truly means.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve suggested that she see a shrink or has spiritual support from another pastor to make some sense of her actions during this time.  (Here’s where the Bronners might come in.)   Which is a lot of back and forth, even when and after the divorce is finalized.  Lay in some popcorn; this potentially could be better than any soap opera or reality show.  And it could further sink Eddie Long.

She’s out.  She’s in. And now, she’s out again. Bishop Eddie Long‘s wife has been back and forth with whether or not she’s seeking divorce from the controversial minister. In a couple of days, the saga involving Vanessa Long and her divorce, or not, from Eddie Long has been twisted.

Now, however, it appears that after a back-and-forth swing, Vanessa Long does want a divorce from Eddie Long.

In a statement late Friday, Vanessa Long’s attorney said “she has determined that dismissal of her divorce petition is not appropriate at this time,” according to The Associated Press. In other words, she is proceeding with the divorce…

I hope so for her sake.

The Root is speculating that there may be some other mess about to surface for the beleaguered pastor, and this is why Eddie Long was begging for Vanessa to stay, saying it was all the media’s fault that they are separated.   (Umph.  The media wasn’t in the hotel beds that he shared with those boys, feeling them up.)   Will there be other women  stepping forward as well as other young  men and (rent) boys?  Or rather, it’s the Feds checking into New Birth’s financial records and finding them wanting.  No matter: we will all know soon enough.

At any rate, Eddie Long didn’t want to be left alone to face whatever karma has in store for him.  But he’s got to pay.  Even love–if it exists on both sides–cannot help him here.   For arrogance, contempt, hatred, avarice, cupidity, maligning–the list goes on and on and on.  In the name of his god, he did all this, and it soon outweighed any good that he did manage to accomplish.  Everything has to be paid for when one overreaches as Long has.  The long death of the ministry of Bishop Eddie Long continues.

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6 Responses to “Ricochet: Now Vanessa Long IS Divorcing The Bishop (w/Update)”

  1. I’m curious as to why she requested a jury trial. I will look at the original you posted. Thanks !


    • I just read up on why some people ask for a jury trial, particularly in Georgia. (Georgia and Texas are the only states that allow jury trials.) Vanessa may be insuring that the bulk of the jurors’ sympathies lie with her, the litigant. See this story.

      She’s got some stuff to retail, and jury trials are also public. Very public.

      Most try to settle out of court so as to avoid the exposure of all their stuff. Priceless.


  2. Actually I don’t believe she retracted the divorce ever. I believe Eddie released the retraction. Her lawyers specifically stated that any statements from Vanessa would come from them – not New Birth, who initiated the retraction statement.

    They are a gangster cult over there.

    Here is a pdf of the retraction:

    Click to access Statement_1204695a.pdf

    We all know she hasn’t been to New Birth all year so for her to sign the notice Elder Vanessa Long is a joke.


    • Now you know–if this is true, then these gangsters are out of their flipping minds. Didn’t they think that what they did wouldn’t all be found out, and that they wouldn’t have eggs on their faces? They’re not living in the real world. If they sought to reassure the parishioners, they have failed utterly.

      Those attorneys are smart. It’s on, now. Really on.


      • Here is the pdf of her filing:

        Click to access vanessa-long-divorce-documents.pdf

        Someone pointed out to me that NB had issued a press release some months ago stating that WSB & the AJC lied about the Secret Service confiscating laptops, etc. on the same letterhead – lol ! I never heard an apology or retraction from WSB or the AJC, though.


        • Sorry to say that this is a dupe, hon. I put the pdf in one of my updates above. But it’s here, anyway.

          I read it through. Girl has TWO lawyers. I don’t doubt that the second one is to handle the economic sundering of goods and money away from the bishop as well.

          New Birth is in bubble mode; they’re about to pop. These PR amateurs as well as Long think that they can keep the cult in line by issuing these crazy news flashes that they cannot back up with facts. And in that announcement about the so-called reconciliation, there’s another erroneous piece that in dismissing the case of the four young men with the settlement, Long was exonerated. If anyone believes this one, there’s a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.

          Long had better lawyer up if he hasn’t already. There’s a piece in her suit that warns him about sheltering or liquidating assets. He’s hemmed in now by his soon-to-be ex-wife as well as the Feds.


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