“Men in Black 3” Trailer Released, Slated for May 25, 2012 Release

Agent J

Will Smith, in perhaps his most famous role, as Agent J(ay). Yes, he makes those shades and that suit look good, but not necessarily the film. It takes a good screenwriter, too (Courtesy: Wikipedia)

They’re gonna wring this franchise dry, if it isn’t already.  Now, the premise is time travel.  I guess nothing succeeds like one more time, according to the accountants.

Seems like Agent J is going to rescue Agent K from being dead in our future.  Interesting, since they are both non-people and legally do not exist, according to the first Men in Black film.  We know better?

Hope people have forgotten about that gigantic, block-long trailer Will Smith parked downtown (New York) that freaked out residents and some fans alike.  Your own weight room in that booger?  Jeez.  Wretched excess; possibly, like this film.  Whatever.  It’s going to be yet another special effects slingathon, and watching Smith and Jones do their thing.

~ by blksista on December 12, 2011.

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