Christmas Songs: Luther Vandross and Chaka Khan, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”

Chaka herself shot the earlier version of this video over the bow of her Facebook stream one Christmas Eve evening, mainly because of its quality, so I am sure that others were also grooving on this lovely walk back in time that looks as if it happened in the early 1990s.  Unfortunately, You Tube blocked the video, so I have put up yet another version of this rare summit.  This is big Luther, as opposed to svelte Luther, and this is also a slimmed down Chaka Khan at one of her very best.  This summit of Old School voices seems to have occurred on the old Warner Bros. channel on a holiday program showcasing black music talent.

Again, I mourn Luther Vandross‘ too early passing when I listen and watch videos like this.  Luther stirred all of us with that voice of his.  His voice was neither profane nor reedy or phony, but it was full, and soared, and touched the erotic like no other singer has within the last decade.  For a while, it seemed all a thinking and feeling (heterosexual) man had to do was put on some Luther on the CD player and the subject of his desire became more attainable and less like an idol of stone, and each were inspired, refreshed and mellow, and then everything was all right.  Really all right. Thing is, a lot of us now wonder where the love is, especially in our current music, and where do we go to find it once more in our culture,especially among the New School.

Nonetheless, Christmas 2011 is coming, and will shortly be at an end.  Enjoy every meaningful moment tomorrow and everyday thereafter.  Remember to be merry through all those holiday rituals.  And above all, love yourself and each other.

~ by blksista on December 24, 2011.

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