Eddie Long’s New Birth School to Close January 4; 221 Students Affected, But That’s Not All That’s Affected

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More bad news for Eddie Long and for New Birth.  The walls are tumbling down.  From The Root:

Atlanta‘s New Birth Christian Academy students are now scrambling for a new place in which to learn after they were informed that their school will be shut down Jan. 4.

The school, founded by the controversial Bishop Eddie Long, fell short of funding estimates and enrollment for the year. The school board sent a letter to parents informing them of the closing, which will affect 221 students from pre-K to grade 12 and 20 teachers.

“We have operated New Birth Christian Academy for several years with substantial deficits in hopes that the national economic climate would change; however, that change never materialized,” said the letter, signed by Carlton Donald, the board’s vice chair.

Tuition at the school ranged from $5,253 for New Birth members to $6,198 for nonmembers, according to the school’s website.

Art Franklin, a spokesman for New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, said that the closing had nothing to do with the allegations against Long. At least one parent begged to differ.

“I don’t believe that,” she said to WSB-TV, which did not disclose her identity. “I believe that this last straw with the divorce, the sealed settlement, it just does not look good. I really believe that people continued to take their children out as each allegation unfolded month after month.

“Just like the parishioners have suffered, the children are now suffering,” said the parent, who is also upset that the school gave such short notice.

That is what is really outrageous:  that they let the remaining parents and children know this information on such short notice, when everyone is on vacation.  According to CBS Atlanta News, one parent claimed that Long himself had promised parents that the 18-year-old school would remain open.  Why didn’t they tell people as early as the summer that they could not complete another entire school year?   Do you know what this looks like?

New Birth took their money—-and ran.

More well-heeled private schools charge far more than the New Birth academy per year.  However, imagine how this impacts a family that is probably living on one income in this tenuous economy, and over five thousand dollars a year for tuition is still a lot of money to them.  Then, compare how it would be for well-heeled parents (who would pay $12-$25,000 per year or more)  to find out that their child’s school is shutting down practically overnight, the pupils forced to find schooling elsewhere.   Whether in furs and bling or in designer teeshirts and jeans, these parents would be pounding on the doors of the school demanding their money back and filing lawsuits accusing New Birth the school administrators and trustees of fraud.

The DeKalb County school district runs a nearby charter school called Leadership Preparatory Academy for children in grades K through 5, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. No doubt, there are other parochial, private and public schools in the area, but will they be able to absorb them all?   What about the older children in junior high and in high school?  While Donald claims that New Birth will assist parents in placing their children elsewhere, many doubt that the administrators will truly lend any helpful hand, if they were so close-mouthed in revealing the school’s true state of affairs.

Again, the whole episode looks very fly-by-night, but it looks a lot like the secretive and unaccountable manner in which Long has been operating for over twenty years.  I doubt that the closure is truly temporary as Donald writes in his letter to the parents, but permanent.

Disillusionment with and distrust of New Birth and with Bishop Eddie Long is continuing to affect parishioners and supporters alike.

The long death of the ministry of Bishop Eddie Long continues.

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  1. With all respect to the parents in this situation, why did you all take so long to remove your children from the school? First of all, this man has been accused of being a pedophile and he paid his accusers off. That would have been the first red flag for me. You all as members need to learn how to think for yourselves and not allow fancy preachers to continue to lead you all away from depending on GOD and not Man!


    • Probably because the church don’t teach people to critically think for themselves. Instead they are told to believe in a ghost that has never showed his face in over 2000 years. No accountability and no personal responsibility. Just ask Jesus and he will save you. im sure the katrina victims thought that two the only peace. They got resulted in death. Their god dont love any of you all when are any of you all going to wake up.


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  3. I feel bad for the parents and kids. There are not many decent schools in Dekalb County, and for EL to do this at the last minute is despicable.


    • I’m shaking my head at all of this. The parents could have been spared all this if they had fronted with them in the first place. Now it looks even worse because the New Birth administrators took their money knowing that the school was in big trouble. Wrong is wrong is wrong.


      • One of the parents reported that fees were due at the beginning of the month for next semester. So it looks like they collected fees knowing they would close 2 weeks later. SMH.


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