That Cartoon From Facebook

I’ve got a few hundred “friends” (real friends and relatives) on Facebook that occasionally send me some great cartoons, “posters,” and photos with quotes, political and otherwise.

So I’ve decided to inaugurate yet another feature called “That Cartoon From Facebook.”

Normally, I would present the cartoon (photo, poster) and which group or individual (if possible) sent it along to me, with a small bit of commentary.

Let’s say I immediately identified because the questioner is a black woman.

This cartoon comes from The Other 98%.  Who are they?

Our economy & our democracy are being hijacked by an Elite 2% that is selling out the American dream. Help us change that at

The Other 98% is a grassroots network of concerned folks fed up with the status quo in Washington. We seek practical solutions to the many challenges facing America. We stand against those bankers, CEOs and lobbyists who have hijacked our democracy to serve themselves at the expense of everyone else. We are everywhere. And we are hopeful.

Interested?  Follow that link to find out more about this group.

~ by blksista on January 3, 2012.

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