No Surprise: Baby Daddy Antwaun Cook Betraying Fantasia With Other Jumpoffs, and Trying to Get Back With His Wife

Wendy Williams has her nerve excusing women like Alicia Keys for pursuing a man to the detriment of his marriage.  It’s been alleged that some of this kind of criticism is color-based: Fantasia Barrino is a dark-skinned woman chasing a light-skinned man—-Antwaun Cook.  That being said, what Wendy said upwind does have the ring of truth.  And it doesn’t look good with a recent RadarOnline article that reveals that Cook is still cheating on Fantasia with other women, including trying to reconcile with his own wife.  Apparently, delivering a boy baby on December 12 didn’t have the effect Fantasia hoped it would have on her lover.

Just one month after Fantasia had a baby with boyfriend Antwaun Cook, a pal close to the former American Idol winner exclusively tells that he’s been cheating on her — even before she was pregnant!

“Antwaun has been cheating on Fantasia all along, just like he cheated on his wife with Fantasia,” the source said.

“She was silly to think he’d remain faithful but it was wishful thinking, I guess. She purposely had this baby with him hoping he’d be a devoted father and boyfriend.”

But the source exclusively tells, it’s not happening. Not only has Antwaun cheated on Fantasia with other women, but he’s even went crawling back to his estranged wife, Paula Cook, asking for another chance.

“He tries to get Paula to take him back all the time, but she wants nothing to do with him,” the source revealed.

“Fantasia knows that Antwaun cheats, but she just turns a blind eye hoping for some fairytale turnout.”


“[Fantasia] kept this [baby] to keep him,” the source said. reached out to Fantasia’s manager, who had no comment on the allegations.

Jeez.  And what’s happened to the Mahalia! movie?  Will she be returning to the set soon?

At her lover’s divorce hearing, Fantasia testified that she previously aborted a child that she was carrying for Cook.  If she didn’t want children, why didn’t she use birth control devices?  Oh yeah, right.  She (1) probably doesn’t believe in that because of her upbringing, and (2) wanted to “trap” Cook.

Wanna bet the source is a relative wanting Cook to stop harshing the money?  Her family is a bunch of freeloaders.   Fantasia may not have been  making much while she has been off her feet awaiting the birth of her son, Dallas.   It is clear, however, Fantasia wanted Cook to start pulling his weight financially as well and to help her with the demands of raising the boy, if not her family’s demands.

Antwaun Cook is no longer a T-Mobile salesman, when he may have pulled at least $60,000 per year.  Instead, he’s now a bail bondsman.

With three kids by two different women, and an impending divorce settlement, his old salary may no longer cut it. The 24-hour service could prove to increase his income.

Not only has Antwaun got a new job, he’s also self-employed after founding Free Yourself Bail Bonds, Inc. He appears to be angling for a family oriented image with the company website, featuring the motto “when GETTING BACK is the only thing that matters.”

His profile on boasts a catchier tagline “Call Cook to get you off the hook.”

Hell, he can’t get himself off the hook.  But will any of that cheese really help Fantasia with everything?

Trying to keep a man with a baby has never worked.  That is not how you win and keep a man faithful.  A cheater will walk regardless of whether it is his child or even his son.   And it is becoming more and more obvious that Antwaun Cook can’t be faithful to any woman, at least, not at this moment in his life.  He appears to be very irresponsible—-sexually irresponsible, that is.  And confused too, I’ll bet.  Who knows where he has been and what he has been up to with his johnson.  Paula Cook was right to brush aside his entreaties to take him back.  He’s acting it all out.

Is Fantasia that gulled that she could still make it happen with this man? (They’re living apart at the moment.)  One thing I learned long ago is that if a man breaks his neck to be with you, he really wants you.  Antwaun Cook ain’t breaking his precious neck for anyone.  The report of  other women does not surprise me either; I figured he was just that much of a dog to fck other women before and while she was pregnant.  However, these are jumpoffs just like Fantasia.   She’s just the famous one.   She may think that she’s superior to the rest, and that she deserves to be Mrs. Cook after all she’s done, but she’s not and may never be; if she does manage to bring it off, it won’t be for long.

Again, why is Fantasia so insistent that it’s got to be this guy?  Was he even present for the birth of his son?

Do I need to repeat myself?  Fantasia needs to leave Antwaun Cook high and dry.  She has enough on her plate now with two children and a passel of family members who perpetually have their hands out, as well as her mountain of debts.   She needs to get back on the set of Mahalia! as well as make plans for another album.  And if Aretha Franklin is indeed her mentor, maybe she needs the advice of the Queen of Soul about how to get away from Antwaun Cook and for good.   Otherwise, this girl will be ruined, and big time.

And this was the singer who beat out Jennifer Hudson on American Idol?  If that is so, compare the two and their public, professional and private lives.

Whatta world.

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3 Responses to “No Surprise: Baby Daddy Antwaun Cook Betraying Fantasia With Other Jumpoffs, and Trying to Get Back With His Wife”

  1. Fantasia will have to fall many times befor she wake up. This so sad.


  2. I can’t even say that I would like to feel sorry for her, as even that would be an unjustifiable case of me lying to myself.

    Just goes to show that fame and (temporary) fortune do not guarantee happiness.


    • Her story is a cautionary tale for any woman, whether she has money and fame or not, getting involved with a married guy. I never thought you could get action at a T-Mobile store, and still don’t! On top of it, she needs to tell off those blood-sucking relatives, too.

      I’ve already said that she needs help. Pushing aside good advice and common sense has never been her saving grace.


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