The President at The Apollo Theatre in Harlem, New York, January 19, 2012

Okay, Obamaholics, this is the full speech above.

And immediately above, this is the video of that particular bit of a song made famous by Al Green, before he met with those hot grits and later, the ministry.

Hey, the brother is at least on key, but I wouldn’t  advise him to quit his day job.

I think our president is beginning to wake up from four years of trying to out-Republican the Republicans.  At least, I hope so.  High Clintonism only worked for its time, not this time.  And even then, it was a bankrupt strategy, resulting in the rise of K Street, and of NAFTA sucking our jobs out to China, Thailand, India, and Malaysia.   Even Bill Clinton regrets signing NAFTA.  I only hope that Obama is going to do something in his second term, and for that, we also need a change in Congress.  The fewer Baggers in office, the better.

Why do I believe that the president is a shoe-in?  Because the Republican candidates, in comparison, look positively pathetic, retrograde, nasty, bigoted, mean and stupid.  Those televised debates are really showing their asses (literally) to the world.

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I mean, seriously, is this what you want, America?  Santorum trying not to say the word black when he refers to people on welfare, when whites are in the majority filling the rolls?  Gingrich pshawing that his adulteries are old news (wanna bet that he may be boinking someone not Callista right now), and suggesting that child labor be brought back if children don’t want to learn in school?  Ron Paul ducking and weaving from the fact that he’s a racist from the get-back (among other apt labels)?   Mittens Romney all over the place trying to please every bottom-feeding GOP constituency?  Please.  I mean, take a real good look at these men.  As Wanda Sykes put it last night on The Tonight Show, the prospect of turning Republican would  have her moving to France. “This is the best you’ve got?  Is this the line-up you’ve have?  This is it?  They’re awful—all of them.”   I wouldn’t want them to run for county dogcatcher; I’d vote for one of the poor pooches instead.  And we would be the embarrassment of the world once again.  None of these Repubs exudes class.

I still have my issues with Barack Obama.  I think that he blew the first two years, and gave his enemies time to regroup and then stab him in the back while he was trying to negotiate with them.  I knew that you couldn’t negotiate with people who didn’t want you to succeed.  And then, the deal-making with Big Pharma, and the toothless legislation around helping homeowners keep their underwater houses, and the banks being allowed to flex their muscle, and the money that should have gone to the Stimulus Bill.  We still have to wait and see whether Romneycare Obamacare is upheld in the Supreme Court close to election time.  I mean, the list goes on and on of missed opportunities as well as for some other major accomplishments.

Lately, though, Obama’s laid down the law to a recalcitrant Congress, and has refused to sign onto Keystone.  This seemingly is a beginning, but by no means should it be the end.   As far as I am concerned, Obama should have been fire-breathing from the gate, and then putting on the kid gloves  later.  That’s all what the schmucks really understand.  In poll after poll, this is what people—and not just the progressive Democratic base—really wanted him to do, and they were extremely let down when he didn’t, as evidenced by his low poll numbers.  Obama doesn’t have the luxury of an FDR in seeing a third or a fourth term; the moniker lame duck never applied to Roosevelt.  Obama’s going to have to really kick some ass and influence people during his second term, and I don’t mean starting a second war with Iran.

We need jobs.  Jobs that strengthen and shore up the middle class.  Check:  a $25-27 an hour job going down to about $15 or $12 an hour?  Really?  How is $12 an hour going to pay bills?  A student loan?   Help buy a house in an area where there is a high cost of living?  To me, the Great Recession is over when I’ve got a job that is commensurate with my skills, potential, and higher education—and not minimum wage.  With reasonable benefits.  So frankly, although I love when Obama references black cultural oldies but goldies like this to the applause of his audience, it does not assuage my feeling that we are still in the woods, and are not out of there yet.

No Republican has spelled out any viable, straight-forward, compassionate alternative to help working and middle class people find meaningful jobs as well as respectable salaries during this recession, except for cutting programs and taxes.  They want to starve the government out financially (so that it wouldn’t be able to send Federal troops to places like Little Rock back in the day)?  The government exists for the people, so that even the least of us has a chance.  So if no one will stand against the corporate class manipulating, dividing, and exploiting others, what recourse will people have?   Sometimes it does not just take pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps at all.  All the Republicans suggest is throwing our asses dead center in the steamrolling path of the corporate and leisure class; and offering us platitudes about how great and golden everything was before Presidents Roosevelt and Johnson supposedly ruined our country with Social Security and Medicare.

There are a few people alive who remember how it was when President Roosevelt brought in the New Deal.   Their parents and even grandparents told them how it was before social programs lifted them out of literal starvation and penury and eventually into opportunity.  And I don’t think that these white-haired ones would want to wish that on us.

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  1. Excellent article. Whether people agree or disagree with your position, none can disagree with the fine way you articulate the point.

    Good read.


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