Those Posters From Facebook, “One Love, One Marriage” and “Family Values”

This one above came from the Keith Olbermann Fan Page.

And this one immediately above came from Thulani Davis’ feed from a Texas friend of hers.

What gets me is that yesterday, very right-wing Christian South Carolinians were willing to excuse a man, Newt Gingrich, whose third wife was sleeping with him before his second marriage was officially over.

And after Marianne Gingrich became ill with multiple sclerosis. This seems to be a pattern with Gingrich and his first and second wives. When his first wife Jackie was diagnosed with cancer, he began an affair with Marianne.

That mistress-now-wife Callista Bisek Gingrich was a Roman Catholic.

Now, all yall who are even lapsed Catholics know what the Church says about this kind of thing.

Newt Gingrich is now a Catholic.  Callista converted him to Catholicism.

Is that what it takes these days to convert people to Catholicism?

Newt claims that he’s been forgiven by the Almighty, and that this is old news, and that the media manipulated his second wife to speak.

You wanna believe all that?

Marianne Gingrich, who still says she is a conservative, knows him well enough to say that she doesn’t want to see him as president. And not just because he cheated on her and divorced her.

A guy with Gingrich’s track record would do best not to make extravagant, grandiose claims or indulge in chest beating in public, but he’s done that and more. To argue that this is what politicians always do is not dealing with reality—or with a set of ethics.

Much calmer and moderate individuals should seriously check out the behavior—past and present—of this man who wants to be president of the United States.

My question is, does Callista think that his conversion renders him cheat-proof? And that he would never leave her? Especially since they’re going to the White House?

What happens when Callista falls ill with some life-threatening disease?

We haven’t heard of the same BS upsetting/besetting the Obama household, not that they haven’t had their marital differences. But Obama going around chasing tail like a Clinton or a Gingrich, or a Spitzer or a Cain?

No way.

So now we know what these unreconstructed Republicans want. They want to take Obama out with the nastiest bottomfeeder guy ever, and then unleash him and his retrograde policies on the entire nation.

So much for family values, right?

~ by blksista on January 22, 2012.

One Response to “Those Posters From Facebook, “One Love, One Marriage” and “Family Values””

  1. Great post! Tell ’em, please tell ’em, because they clearly don’t have a clue. Where is the moral outrage of the so-called conservative Catholic base? I don’t understand how they live with themselves.

    As adults, we understand that life is rife with choices that are shades of gray but THIS…is taking it way too far and it speaks volumes about the social agenda and bigotry that a THIRD of the population is infected with. They will never get me to believe that an upstanding, moral, empathetic and progressive president is bad for this country. People really need to check their hate and privilege and stop the madness.

    I make jokes about it to cover up my ire but disgust is leaking through all around the edges :).


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