Where Have I Been, and Where Am I Going?

(This is my favorite tune from this Tom Scott album, with the inimitable Richard Tee on organ.  If it was on the soundtrack of my life, it would be the train ride from Louisiana to California in 1961 that I took with my mother.  Little did I know that coming there saved my life, as it did many other black Southerners.  Going back may do that once more.)

Well, for one thing, I don’t live at the Y any longer.

I moved last week, taking shelter at a former neighbor’s home here in Madison.

And I no longer have a minimum wage job at one of Madison‘s finer sales establishments.

So I am taking stock and relying on prayer (even Buddhists have prayer, folks) to see my way through to the next step.

I also don’t have an Internet connection any more, so it means that I’ll have to go to the UW Library in order to get some work done.  It’s not something that I’d particularly like to do, but hell, at least there is a place to go for a day.  It is also an opportunity to get out of my host’s hair for a few hours, and to do some job hunting besides.

On the positive side, I am planning to start a page that includes book reviews.  I used to do reviews for the S.F. Chronicle ages ago, and I am far more inclined to really say what I think now than I was when I was trying to give black women’s literature a chance in the sun.  A friend is going to send me books from Amazon.com for me to read and to review.  I am soooo looking forward to this because this is the longest I have spent not having the pleasure of buying and reading literature and non-fiction, especially history and bios.

Additionally, I’ve been asked to contribute at another blogger’s page, especially as the political season heats up, so I am looking forward to doing that.

Unfortunately, both of these prospective gigs do not promise any green, which is in very short supply, but it does portend more exposure and bringing more folks over to my little blog.

So yeah, don’t think that I haven’t yet heard about Don Cornelius‘ suicide or Bishop Eddie Long‘s elevation to some kind of kingly priesthood, or Clint Eastwood‘s Super Bowl commercial praising GM and the Motor City, because I have.  Some things take precedence.

And wish me luck, folks.

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  1. Best wishes in your new spot ! I lived in the Bay Area once during my 20s but ended up settling in the south. Sometimes I long for visions of mountains and beaches..


  2. Wishing you the best of luck. I’ve been there and didn’t even have as much vision as you. You’ll make it through and thank you for sharing your journey.


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