That Poster From Facebook: George Takei Talks About the Rollback of California’s Prop. 8

George’s stuff is always right on.  This was from The Owl Report via a Facebook friend.


Let gays and lesbians and transsexuals be free to marry.  Let them legitimize their loved ones and their generations.  Let them be family.  Let them be legal.  Let them marry in whatever churches, synagogues or communities that will accept them.   Not those other ones.

And if you were wondering, my Buddhist organization, the Soka Gakkai in the United States, recognizes and performs same-sex marriages and has since 1995.  And yes, we went through our own quiet revolution—- namely that LGBT people cannot be kept from leadership and cannot be forced into sham straight marriages because of who they are.  We have our own LGBT contingent within the American Gakkai and they have yearly gay-specific seminars at the Florida Nature and Culture Center near Orlando, FLThis year’s activity is happening in April.  Check it out.

Let them video some marriage dances down the church aisle that gets them buzz on You Tube and on Good Morning America.  Let those wedding receptions include the gift table where Mama’s silver service is prominently shown that was supposed to go to Antoine’s “bride.”

Of course, the ruling simply means that it is going to the Supremes.   Nobody LGBT can get married yet in Cali.  I am confident in saying, however, that it will happen.

I’d sure like to see how Scalia and Kennedy will weasel their way out of this one to placate their right-wing best buds.

And right on, Washington State and Governor Christine Gregoire.  Number 7.

~ by blksista on February 9, 2012.

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