This Just In: Mario McNeill and Antoinette Davis Plead Not Guilty in Connection with the Death of Shaniya Davis (w/Update)

Still smiling for the cameras: on the morning of February 9, 2012, Mario Andrette McNeill pleads not guilty to killing 5-year-old Shaniya Davis (Courtesy: FayObserver)

I didn’t want to lead with this, but frankly, this news is about a couple of hours old.  Quiet as it has been kept, there are so far only about 18 articles about this development on Google.   Here is the video.

There is hope, however, that the long awaited trial of this pair may indeed commence through the late spring and summer.

McNeill and Antoinette let their attorneys do the talking.  From the Fayetteville Observer:

The two people charged with the 2009 death of 5-year-old Shaniya Davis both entered not guilty pleas in Superior Court this morning.

Mario Andrette McNeill and Antoinette Davis, Shaniya’s mother, both pleaded not guilty in separate appearances in court.

Both are charged with first-degree murder, rape of a child and other charges.

Both McNeill and Davis are due back in Superior Court in April to set a trial date.

Let’s hope that the authorities don’t push this trial back. Or footdrag. Or worse, bungle the case of this little girl who deserves justice.

It sure is suspicious, though, that it has taken this long to get to an arraignment.  Who else are they protecting? DSS? Bradley Lockhart? The vaunted taxpayers? I don’t care: prepare the case, get the witnesses together, put these people on trial, and let the evidence roll out.

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7 Responses to “This Just In: Mario McNeill and Antoinette Davis Plead Not Guilty in Connection with the Death of Shaniya Davis (w/Update)”

  1. Does anyone have the number to call the D.A.


  2. I suggest that we launch a phone and email campaign to the DA. Give me your thoughts. If they know people are on the case, they are more likely to act.


  3. Folks. We need to keep the pressure on just like in the Trayvon Martin case. We need to call the D.A.’s office and demand that the trial commence and demand the death penalty.


  4. They both need the death plea but it should never take this long to convict them


  5. Not guilty? I’m really curious about what their defense could be.


  6. Many thanks for bringing this update, appreciated. Not anything I can say without fouling your blog I’m afraid; that’s the effect the smirking image of child rapist and murderer McNeill has on me…I expect many others feel the same.


    • Thanks. There is more, I’m afraid, that I have just added. That disgusting smile on McNeill unsettles me profoundly, too. He is a psycho case.


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