Whitney Houston May Have Drowned in The Bathtub

I found this sequence from The Bodyguard quite interesting as a film buff, because it shows portions of Fritz Lang‘s silent classic, Metropolis, with the phony Maria, an evil cyborg created by the inventor Rotwang, tantalizing and seducing the rich men of the city.  The metal cyborg even appears in The Bodyguard as Kevin Costner‘s Frank Farmer rounds the corner to meet Whitney’s Rachel Marron for the first time.   

And Whitney is dressed like the cyborg in all her metal glory.  But she was no cyborg that could live forever.  And Whitney was not evil.  As she admitted in interviews, she was her own worst enemy.

Number one, there  is going to be a autopsy.  No doubt.

Two, before I went to bed, there was another piece of news from TMZ.com, in that hotel employees in the know were saying to its reporters that Whitney was found nude and dead in the bathtub.  Immediately, I thought either cut wrists and suicide, but I thought that it would sort itself out by morning.

Now, TMZ.com is reporting that prescription drugs were found in the room, suggesting that the singer may have drowned under the influence while preparing for her singing date at Clive Davis‘ party.

This story was filed just before midnight last night.

No illegal drugs have been found in the hotel room where Whitney Houston died — at least not yet — but prescription drugs were present, and it’s possible the singer drowned in the bathtub … TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us … when EMTs arrived Whitney’s body was already removed from the bathtub so it will take an autopsy to determine if she OD’d, drowned or died from some other cause.

Informed sources tell us … Beverly Hills cops — who were still searching the room at the time this story was posted — found various pill bottles. There was no evidence that Whitney was drinking alcohol in the room.

Whitney’s body was just removed from the room on a gurney. It will go to the morgue for an autopsy to determine cause of death.


 Whether those pills were legal or illegal is a matter of conjecture.   Beverly Hills’ finest will figure that one out quick enough as well as the Los Angeles County coroner.  To me, however, this news brings up all the worst aspects of Michael Jackson’s prescription drug abuse with questionable pharmacies and false names.

However, if Whitney was mixing several prescription drugs (for her mental/health or for pain) with alcohol (to get high/have fun), that meant that she was mentally and physically impaired.  There were supposedly numerous relatives present who were in Whitney’s large entourage who identified the body.  Where the hell were they when she was having cocktails at the bar after taking meds?  Why weren’t they watching her and making sure that she was okay?

Hell, there’s a blood pressure medication that I have to take that specifically requests that I don’t drink grapefruit juice with it.  Another says that I don’t take the tablet and drink alcohol.

Bobbi Kristina Brown, otherwise known as BK, Whitney’s daughter, who in recent months has been caught hard partying as well, was refused entrance to the room that held her mother’s body, resulting in a shouting and cursing match before the Beverly Hills cops.  By that time, the death room was indeed sealed, and a search warrant had to be obtained before the cops or anyone else could enter the room.  BK left, but a couple of hours later, her cousin Dionne Warwick showed up at the fourth floor suite, but she too was turned away.

Meanwhile, the Clive Davis pre-Grammy party went on as scheduled at the hotel, in the middle of the investigation of Whitney’s death.  The body is thought to have remained in the room until about 11 p.m. Pacific Time.

I know that these were Whitney’s nearest and dearest, and perhaps the cops should have taken pity.  This, however, is not some cop drama on TV.  Upon the release of Whitney’s body from the coroner, there will be more than enough time to mourn over her remains.  No matter what people may think, Whitney Houston died under very mysterious circumstances, and no matter if it was outright suicide or an accident, that death scene ran the risk of being altered to salvage hers or another’s reputation.   People—including her family—need to know beyond a shadow of doubt how the singer died.

More later.

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