Whitney’s Family Told That It Was Drugs and Alcohol That Killed Her, Not Drowning

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As usual, the regular network and cable news have to rush to keep up with TMZ.  Much of this news was released in the wee wee hours of this morning.   Although the L.A. County coroner is sitting tight on the outcome of the autopsy and toxicology tests performed on Whitney Houston, representatives from that office are said to have told Houston‘s family that she died from the effects of both alcohol and drugs (Valium and Xanax is alleged) in her body.  Although water was found in Houston’s lungs, they are adamant that she did not drown.

Rather, what happened is that the singer died, and then the body slid into the water, where she was found—not by a bodyguard, say sources with the Houston family—but by Mary Jones, an aunt, who was there helping to dress and conduct Whitney to interviews or engagements.   This is counter to earlier reports that a bodyguard found her in the bathroom after she did not respond repeated knocks and calls at the door by her dresser and make-up artist and other hangers-on.  Ms. Jones pulled her niece out of the water and immediately administered CPR while others were prevailed upon to call for emergency services.

Below, Wendy Williams responds tearfully to the death of her “friend.”

TMZ is suggesting that although pill bottles were indeed found at the scene of Whitney’s death, there were few pills actually found.  Some were “old” prescriptions, some were dated 2011, and just a few were dated this year.  A couple of prescription bottles, unfortunately, seem to have been filled at the notorious Mickey Fine pharmacy that was connected with Michael Jackson’s demise.   As much as I would like to believe that angle to the story, there is no independent source to corroborate it for sure.  At least, not yet.  TMZ’s police sources also suggest that Whitney may have suffered a heart attack from all the drugs in her system.

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Whitney was indeed spotted and photographed in the vicinity of medical offices seeing doctors for some unknown reason.  “Doctors”?  SMH.

The body of Whitney Houston has been released to her family.  There are reports that Whitney will be buried from her family’s church this weekend in New Jersey.

At present, the Beverly Hills Police Department is about to make a statement regarding Whitney’s death.  I suggest that you run, not walk, to this link.

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10 Responses to “Whitney’s Family Told That It Was Drugs and Alcohol That Killed Her, Not Drowning”

  1. I have to agree that it is us, the public, that feed the media beast. I tire of it to the point of weariness.

    Whitney had an amazing talent and unfortunately took a few too many wrong turns along the way.

    The Voice was damaged, and we spent the best part of a decade willing it to make a miraculous recovery, whilst watching on as each performance left us longing to hear her back at her peak.

    My brother sent me a text in the middle of the night as the news broke. My initial feelings weren’t shock or loss. They more accurately could be described as resigned.


    • For me, I have a need to know. And I am hardly Whitney’s favorite fan.

      It wasn’t just that The Voice was damaged. Whitney got older. The pipes just aren’t the same after a certain age, and because she didn’t care, using cigarettes as well as crack ruined it as well.

      I just wish that she had chosen less schlocky stuff to sing, that’s all. Being more ghetto real wasn’t it for me. Just get better material that really showcased all that she possessed. Well, too late for all that now.

      I watch Miss Re as well as Tony Bennett, and both singers use “tricks” to keep warbling almost the same as they did when younger, but the range and the volume are going. Aretha did have substance abuse problems, but cigarettes also helped make her voice huskier.


      • What Whitney had, that I haven’t seen many other than say Diana Ross, Anita Baker or Patti LaBelle, was that stage presence that only the truly great can pull off.

        The way she used her arms, her finger tips or a gaze to punctuate a lyric or capture the audience was just a spell-binding experience.

        The pipes age, surely they do – but the pipes were slightly ravaged through her struggles. Thing is – as much as I loved Whitney’s stellar hits, it was when she sang Gospel that my heart filled.


    • Im still in shock that she is gone. Im more worried about Bobbi kristina emotionally now. Especially being so close to her mom and an only child. I pray the family can find the closure they need and maybe a little privacy during this time.


  2. I think I will wait on the official L.A. County coroner report. TMZ is in the business of sensational journalism, that is how they make their money, off the misery of others. I trust nothing TMZ says, they are the electronic version or the Enquirer.


    • I’d say that about 75% of the time, TMZ gets it right. That’s why even ET and Good Morning America rely on them, if only to put their spin on a story. TMZ is indeed The Enquirer of the Web, and they pay their sources pretty well. Why? The outpouring of hangers-on, witnesses and family members who are willing to speak, if only to muddy the waters before it all becomes clear. Sad but true.

      For instance, I’m not quite willing to believe that the aunt found her, though. I see this as the family trying to put their spin on it, rather than having a hanger-on find her. I don’t see her aunt as the only one who was present in Whitney’s suite. I cannot believe that no one tried to open that bathroom door when Whitney did not leave it after an hour inside taking a bath. How long does it take someone to take a bath? A shower? I mean, let’s get real.

      If there are conflicting stories, that is because everyone has their own view about what happened as it unfolded. The true story is between the lines.


      • America is twisted…I have no interest in how she died, knowing that, For me, is not important. Her family should be told privately, and they decide if they wish to reveal those details or not. Media outlets like TMZ would have no business or sponsors if WE stopped watching/listening.
        That negative reporting on peoples every move, whether private or public, added to Ms. Houston’s fade from something she was created to do….sing.

        No human can handle fame, fortune and adversity under the constant glare of a camera 24/7. My only hope is that Ms. Houston’s family gets privacy and peace from the media and their negativity.


        • As far as I know, her family WAS told privately. There are members of her family that have also fed information to TMZ, it appears, for a price or not. As I have said before, TMZ is not the only tabloid spinning information. No one in Whitney’s family or entourage should have said anything, except through designated spokespeople. The Beverly Hilton should have sworn its employees to secrecy for fear of losing their jobs about anything that they saw. But it is not that simple.

          When a person like Whitney becomes a public figure, however, all bets are off. Frankly, I would rather not have known about her breakdowns and her substance abuse. The public usually asks why if someone doesn’t record or does not submit a far less than stellar performance. They want to know why.

          I am one of those people who is horrified when someone of Whitney’s stature goes off the rails. I want to know why, and not necessarily to sit in judgement on the individual or to feel superior. I want to understand why, and to suggest answers to behaviors that folks should look out for in their own families, with their own friends and companions.


  3. No surprise to me. Drug addiction is a lifelong struggle for many. I wish that more addicts would reconsider having children and visiting their demons upon the next generation. Here was a woman with incredible talent and means and what has she truly left her children ? They, too, are addicts. It is absolutely pathetic.

    By the way, Wendy was not a friend of Whitney Houston’s (maybe in her head).


    • Yeah. I fixed that. Friend in her head is right.

      I hope Bobbi Kristina sees all this as a wake-up call. She’s already a mess.


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