Eddie Long v. Vanessa Long: Divorce Case Dismissed? (w/Update)

UPDATE (2/18/12, 8:30 a.m.):

Well, finally the Atlanta Journal-Constitution roused itself and presented what they found out  about the Long v. Long divorce.

The divorce petition filed by Vanessa Long against Bishop Eddie Long, pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, has been dismissed, according to DeKalb County court filings posted online that were later confirmed by the minister’s lawyer.

The online postings in the case of “Long vs. Long” dated Monday indicate the petition was dismissed “without prejudice.”

One of Bishop Eddie Long’s lawyers, Lawrence Cooper, confirmed to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Vanessa Long had asked that the divorce petition be dismissed. He declined to say if the Longs were reunited. In an emailed response to the AJC, Vanessa Long’s lawyers declined to comment.

It doesn’t mean that Vanessa cannot refile for divorce within the statute of limitations. But I find it interesting that her high-priced lawyers (three, including two who are really good at digging up what, how much and where her husband has invested his money) haven’t said whether the couple have really reconciled and are living together. Their silence speaks volumes.

Sorry, but if I were Vanessa Long, I would not be sleeping with this man or having anything to do with him or his church. However, I am not Vanessa Long; I do not know for sure what pressures have been brought to bear on her life. I know that for some women contemplating divorce, it is not always an easy road to the courtroom and to signing the papers. Lots of zigzags, including short reconciliations and separations and even visits to marriage counselors.

About that last one, I don’t believe Eddie Long would consent to having his head examined in counseling sessions unless he was holding the reins of that horse. So if even if Vanessa Long is contemplating secular or Christian counseling, I suggest that she take this advice from the late Ann Landers, if he doesn’t wanna go, you’d betta, because in this case, prayer is not necessarily enough.

Stay tuned.



I was looking to see whether anything had occurred regarding Eddie Long, and this is what popped up via Paula Murray at Examiner.com.

I note that we haven’t heard from Vanessa Long’s attorneys in quite a while. This is what Mooney has to say:

A mere two days ago, on Monday, February 13, 2012, when the world was still reeling over the news of Whitney Houston’s shocking death, there were documents filed that are now reflected in the three most-recent docket entries showing “dismissal, certificate of service” and “dismissed without prejudice” descriptions.

The final entry only provides the detail “WITHOUT PREJUDICE OF PETITION FOR DIVORCE (NW)” within the link, which spells the latest unfolding in a controversial divorce that was initially reported as withdrawn by Vanessa Long, who then issued a statement through her attorney in December 2011 that “she has determined that dismissal of her divorce petition is not appropriate at this time.”

Whether it was Bishop Long or his wife that dismissed the divorce remains to be seen – and this latest filing doesn’t mean that a divorce claim couldn’t be filed again in the future.

Ew. I do mean, ewwww.

I am surprised that even the Atlanta Journal-Constitution hasn’t followed up on this yet.

No money exchanged hands, either. More about this aspect of the case in an update regarding Long’s money later.

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  1. You can not get a divorce without money. Too many lawsuits; they are broke. She has to write that book to get money.


  2. Pitiful. It shows what kind of woman she is (or isn’t).


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