Bobbi Kristina Brown Was Said to Have Disappeared For Hours and Was Found Doing Dope After Whitney’s Funeral

This was from the Daily Beast, early this afternoon.

Cissy and others won’t admit out loud that Bobbi Kristina has a drug problem,” said the family friend. “But they know it and have been trying to keep her straight even before Whitney passed. But losing your mother and the life you’re accustomed to all in one day is enough to send anybody off the deep end.”

Even before the funeral was held Saturday, the family had serious discussions about Bobbi Kristina entering into rehab as soon as her mother was laid to rest, according to multiple sources familiar with the conversations. They say she spent the night after her mother’s death using drugs to dull the pain.

Bobbi Kristina entered rehab for a drug problem early last year, says one of the family friends who spoke to The Daily Beast, a longtime associate of the family. (The Houston family spokesperson would not comment on this matter.)

Unfortunately, her father’s efforts to counted among the family and be with his daughter must have set her off.

Several hours after the funeral, Bobbi Kristina was found at a hotel “getting high,” according to one source who was with the family when they received the news. A second source was told of the event from a member of the family. (The Houston spokesperson denied the incident occurred.) Some family members wanted to whisk the aspiring singer to rehab last night, while others fought for her to stay to see her mother buried this morning.

“It’s a horrible situation for everybody,” says the close family friend. “They tried to save Whitney, and it didn’t work. Now with Bobbi Kristina, they fear the same thing is happening again and they won’t be able to stop it either. Bobbi Kristina is all Ms. Cissy has left of Whitney. She’s so tired, but she’s ready to fight again to save her grandbaby.”

If this is true, what a mess.

I don’t need to say that these people need prayer: Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, or otherwise.

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  1. we are praying for her


  2. omg no words. my heart is heavy over this entire situation. thank you for keeping us informed.


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