Those Posters from Facebook: Who They Really Are, What They Really Do

You can call this perception versus reality.   These came from FB friends Craig, from Peter in San Francisco and Occupy Human Rights, from Marvin Oniel of Latino Rebels, and of course, the rest from Occupy The Hood and Occupy Wall Street.

I know many of you have seen these—or some of these—that make everyone laugh with approval and recognition. And with relief. I find it interesting that this phenom seemed to take off about the same time the notorious “Sh*t my ___________ says” videos made their rounds on the Web.  

In the same fashion, I pass these around to make my friends’ lives just a bit more bearable from the onslaught of the ignorant who continually know not what the hell that they do or say.  Which is just about the equivalent of sticking pins in dolls and making people hurt or feel small.  

And you know exactly who they are inflicting the pain: the ones who mainline the Ministry of Propaganda, the Faux Noise bunch.   The folks who’ve never learned to think for themselves.  The people who think that everyone is after their last dollar or will always be running ahead of them and getting away with murder.

Above is one example for some of us teachers.  And yeah, if you click the posters, they do get bigger and more readable.

And how about this for the Mexican American side of my family:

Now, check out Occupy The Hood and Occupy Wall Street. First, The Hood speaks, and you know they ain’t wrong:

And lastly, the OWS folks who are still on the streets and fighting:

The world will indeed get better when reality trumps perception.  However, until that time, people will find a way to show what the facts are so that the lies don’t prosper.

~ by blksista on February 20, 2012.

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