What I’m Working On For This Weekend: Whitney, Eddie Long, BAnna Love, and Putting Together a Book Review Blog

What people are giving up for Lent.

I know that it was Mardi Gras yesterday. So here a little bit of Professor Longhair doing “Big Chief” from out of the Seventies.  And unlike the above, there is much that I refuse to give up for Lent.

Yes, there is a lot on my plate, but this is what you be seeing over the weekend.

A wrap-up of everything Whitney that I can muster.  Been doing a lot of reading up and spending a little time thinking about the funeral and its aftermath, and going on some of the more bottom-feeding celeb joints as well as the more cleaner sites like ET and EW, and frankly, for starters, I think that it is wholly possible that the Daily Beast story about Bobbi Kristina could be as true as the story family friends are fronting for more mainstream audiences.   And then there is that Enquirer photo of Whitney in her coffin.  I’m still wondering whether I should run it, but it is now all over and upsetting many.   All I am thinking is that maybe it will scare some other folks on the crooked path straight.

Eddie Long.  It just could be that there ain’t that much money left to fight over.   Or Vanessa is dumber than we all thought.

Meanwhile, back in Wisconsin: The UW athletics organization got themselves a whiff of scandal with a senior athletics director, John Chadima, accused of reaching into the pants of a student worker during the Rose Bowl festivities.  And then, there is Scotty Walker…

And etc.  Who’s doing razor commercials, women and abortion, one danger of hair relaxers, BAnna love, some new black-oriented networks in the works, and the reunion—if you can call it that—of Chris and Rihanna.

Launching a book review blog.

And more posters, cartoons and stuff from Facebook.

So give me time, folks.  If you can.

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3 Responses to “What I’m Working On For This Weekend: Whitney, Eddie Long, BAnna Love, and Putting Together a Book Review Blog”

  1. I don’t think your publishing the picture will scare anybody. If that is their lifestyle, you can’t change them by printing the picture. They are not going to change if they don’t want to. Whitney is not the first person to die like that, there have been thousands before her. Just leave it alone, please. Peace be with you.


  2. I think that whoever took the photo of Whitney is nothing but a low life, classless person, money hungry person. Everybody is digging as much dirt as they can dig, and no respect is shown to the family. They already had to face her untimely death and now the woman is being scandalized. Would anyone like this to be done to them when they die? Please don’t publish her picture in the coffin. Let us at least do this for her. If the family wanted the whole world to see, they would have had an open coffin for the whole world to see. Let us give her that respect. And to the scumbag who took the picture I hope that you meet it one day for doing such a terrible thing.


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