A Work in Progress Trailer of “Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth”

I saw this over at Shadow and Act and thought I’d share it.

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Updates on a project we’ve been following for about a year now since its IndieGoGo campaign was posted here… award-winning British filmmaker, Pratibha Parmar‘s documentary feature film by about writer and activist Alice Walker titled Alice Walker: Beauty In Truth

The film, which includes contributions from Danny Glover and Steven Spielberg, among others, has been in the making for some 5 years with a rough cut completed after the filmmaker was able to raise a whopping $55,000 via IndieGoGo last year.

And here is an additional announcement:.

And for our readers in London, you’ll be glad to know that you’ll be one of the first to see footage from the feature doc, when the British Film Institute‘s London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival previews the film, first on March 29th, in a feature programme at the National Film Theatre, where director Pratibha will show clips from it in a work-in-progress screenng, and talk about the making of the film with festival programmer Nazmia Jamal.

I wonder how much the film will touch on Walker’s non-relationship with her daughter, Rebecca.  Probably not; it’s pretty much a mess that will take a lot more healing and time than this documentary can offer in a few minutes. 

I still admire Alice Walker and some of her work, literary and political.  Hers was some of the first black feminist writing that I read after college.  She was a different writer, a different black writer, a different woman writer, and she deserves much praise and respect for clearing a path that no one had the courage to walk, and for others to follow and to branch out.

The documentary’s website is here.  I’m sure that the film will make its way to these shores in the months ahead.

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