Move On’s “The GOP War on Women” Commercial

This was published Monday.  It got traction at Daily Kos.

These are the actual words that leaders and members of the Republican Party have said about women and issues like abortion, reproductive rights, and rape.  Included are the words of a certain Rick Santorum who is the latest right-wing flava of the month to beat President Obama.  And this guy is dangerous.

These men want to impose their values on America.  And I doubt whether they are going to move to the center any time soon.

This whole situation reminds me even more of Margaret Atwood‘s The Handmaid’s Tale, in which Christian fundamentalists take over the country.  They create a society in which Unwomen and Jezebels are at the low end of female existence.  

Unwomen, of course, are women who are political dissidents, feminists, lesbians, sterile women, nuns, and widows.  Jezebels are whores and entertainers, and most of them are educated women who refuse to submit to the new order.   These Jezebels were forcibly sterilized because their genetic line is unsuitable and tainted.  Why breed resistance to the patriarchy?  In short, Gilead is a society in which women and girls are left uneducated and can neither inherit or earn and keep money.   They are considered intellectually and emotionally inferior.

Naturally, sex is for procreative purposes only, and not pleasure.  Not for the men and especially not for the women.  They are to procreate to obtain white children. 

That’s what Rick “man on dog” Santorum believes, too, but his words and actions belie him, just as Rush Limbaugh’s betray him as well.  Having sex only to make babies?  Really?  Seemingly, these guys have not had the kind of sex life that would satisfy them, hence all the talk about women having too much of it and needing their impulses as well as their freedoms curbed.  By men like Santorum and Limbaugh.

Getting back to Gilead: it is a society in which black people are sent to the hinterlands—which have been ravaged by several nuclear blasts—to several Nazi-like camps where they will work and die from radiation exposure, thus solving the problem of race in America.

Now I find that particularly interesting about Atwood’s novel.  Canadian Atwood was not trying to be racist.  Rather, to me, she was attempting to explain that by putting away and later destroying black folks, the whites of the Republic of Gilead were also about destroying The Other.  They were destroying, in the persons of black folks, those emotions (and the creative impetus) that led to jazz and dance and ways of talking and walking and relating that were eventually mainstreamed and imitated by whites.  And the nation was transformed.

Imagine what ensued when ragtime and then jazz and blues and finally rock and roll (and lately, hip-hop) came onto the scene in their respective decades.   It was rather shocking to any strait-laced community or town.  In the 1950s, White Citizens Councils in the South had posters in their neighborhoods decrying the spread of rock and roll, and asking for citizens to complain to the authorities or help to turn in white youth or adults who were playing and promoting rock and roll songs and music. 

So Elvis Presley, who had appreciated and listened to black music to the point of visiting the Apollo Theatre in New York, and later synthesized rock and roll for white pleasure, was indeed met with the possibility of arrest by certain police and authorities several times in his early career.  Reasons: he dressed like a black Beale Street hipster (earning the admiration of his white Memphis high school pals), and he danced like a black man on stage, thus thrilling the young white women in the audience.

Some of these Gilead leaders, I would bet, blamed whites like these for getting too damn close to black culture, in promoting it and spreading it.   The music blacks made was heady.  Syncopation and African rhythms defied European approaches to music.  It accompanied that modern era that resulted in looser women and dangerous women who were not tied to the old ways of thinking, who wanted to take part in the dancing, who openly smoked and drank, who insisted on birth control rather than letting g*d take care of it all.   You know the kind:  women who refused to take no sh!t and wanted to be equal to and to vote with men. 

And as Hitler once proclaimed, once the purity and “honor”  of white women became suspect (really, the honor of white men), there went the nation.   

You didn’t think Hitler had a problem with black folks?  Oh, he did.  He hated jazz.  He hated that blacks, either from the colonies or from the victorious Americans, had come to Europe in the 1920s, and some of them were in the clubs and cabarets playing that jazz and leading the populace astray.  He loathed Jesse Owens, who had won gold in the Berlin Olympics and he hated that Germans admired the American Owens.   So, Gilead took a page from Hitler, and took a page from those who thought race-mixing was to blame for the pollution of America, and blacks had to go.

So in a lot of ways, to me,  this is all connected.  This is why I believe that many women of every color are going to vote in their best interests for President Obama come November.  Many of us may still have issues with this president, but this man has daughters.  This man has a First Lady who at one point was his mentor at his first corporate law position, and who daily challenges him to be the best that he can be.   This man believes in education for all, and for the right for any American, male or female, to develop their intellects and to contribute to the nation.  This man took it upon himself to call and encourage Sandra Fluke.  This man will support reproductive rights, if not abortion. 

The Republicans’ war on women cannot succeed.

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