Herbie Hancock Talks About How One Could Make Peace Happen

Herbie was in Madison last night, performing at the Overture.  I know that not all of us SGI Madison folks could come or could afford it, but we were definitely there in spirit. 

It is through Herbie’s music that we are all touched, but few people (at least, outside of our Buddhism) have even experienced Herbie talking world peace.  Some of what he says we may have heard from others, but the man isn’t talking from cue cards or from a speech.  He is speaking from his heart.

Too bad there are a lot of voices in the background at first, but they don’t last.  Just listen closely.

This was filmed in New York some time ago by actor-writer Tico Wells of MakePeaceU, at the SGI-USA Friendship Center.  You may have seen Tico before on TV.  He portrayed Dr. Jerry Taylor, the obstetrician, who helped to deliver Saundra’s twins on The Cosby Show.


~ by blksista on March 16, 2012.

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