Some Saturday Love: Lalah Hathaway in Concert, “When Your Life Was Low”

Donny’s eldest daughter speaks to me this morning.  I usually go to sleep to some murmurings in my headphones, but it’s always turned down low enough to pick up any other sounds.  (Which is why I eschew ear buds.)  And even though it was still dark, the little birdies were tweeting loudly outside, heralding the new day, and I had to get up and get with it.   Then I saw this interview about what Lalah is up to now over at Ne0Griot with this and other interesting songs, and thought I would share it with you.

For all of you neophytes, Lalah Hathaway is known as the First Daughter of Soul.  Her website is here.

From the interview, it appears that Lalah has been quite busy. 

Can you talk about working on Robert Glasper’s latest record Black Radio? That record is making a huge statement right now, across all platforms. What are your thoughts on this record? And how was your experience working with RGE?

Big fun with Robert Glasper. He is really hilarious, and fun to work with. I love what his record does — it makes you think and feel things, it challenges your perception of what a jazz record should be, of what soul singers should sing. It’s just overall a great record and the success of it means great things — for all of us. It’s so groovy to be included on 2 great records this year with the word RADIO in the title! Esperanza Spalding Radio Music Society is the other.

So, good morning.   Enjoy the day, people.  Do your thing and savor its accomplishment—whatever it is.  Sometimes just getting up and out of the house is enough.

~ by blksista on March 24, 2012.

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