It’s Only a Month Away, Wisconsin: Let’s Choose a Strong Democratic Challenger Today to Defeat Governor Scott Walker on June 5


The poster came from Democurmudgeon.

I’ve got to start my day soon, but I just wanted to say that thank the Universe the wait is almost over, after sixteen straight months of fighting back against Scott Walker and his policies.   Now, all we need is a standard bearer. I don’t care who you all vote for, but vote for a strong candidate among these contenders: Tom Barrett, Kathleen Falk, Kathleen Vinehout, and  Doug La Follette .

If Egypt, France and Greece can throw out their bums, so can we.  “Austerity” didn’t work in the latter countries, just like it isn’t working here in the United States.

We also can’t wait for Walker to stumble on his sword based on the shenanigans perped by his underlings while he was Milwaukee County Executive.  Plausible deniability may or not save his ass, but ask yourself why would a man lawyer up and raise money for a defense fund while claiming innocence?  Plus that defense fund looks rather suspicious as well.

Also vote for Mahlon Mitchell for Lieutenant Governor to unseat the incumbent Rebecca Kleefisch.  This is a fine brother, a union brother, the president of his firefighters’ union; someone with brains, courage and  passion who doesn’t have a hidden agenda.

If you need any help in going to vote, click the United Wisconsin link to their website on the right hand side.  I am sure they will have some tips, suggestions, and maybe even someone who could take you to your polling place.  Polls close at 8.

 And if I am not too tired, I may have something to say later tonight.  But vote, people.  Please do vote as if your life depended on it.  And frankly, it does.

~ by blksista on May 8, 2012.

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