Now It’s His Turn: Creflo Dollar in The Slam for Choking and Slapping His Fifteen-Year-Old Daughter Around

The Pastor Creflo Dollar’s mugshot. Uh-uh, you don’t do that and say that you are disciplining your child. That’s a sure attempt at murder (Courtesy: Fayette County (GA) Sheriff’s Department)

Well, it’s been kinda slow on the errant preacher watch lately since the Bishop Eddie Longs decided not to divorce.

Unless yall have some tales of woe I know nothing about… Of course, I have been on hiatus (and have lost quite a few members of the crew. But I will get them back.)

I heard about this incident this afternoon on the ABC radio news that comes on for five minutes on the hour on 92.1 here in Mad City. I chuckled at his justification for putting his hands on the girl.

Apparently, Creflo comes from that old-fashioned school of paternal mayhem. Unfortunately, that sort of mayhem can land you in the slam for murder one.  Here’s the story:

Fayette County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call of domestic violence at the home in unincorporated Fayette County around 1 a.m., said investigator Brent Rowan. The pastor and his daughter were arguing over whether she could go to a party when Dollar “got physical” with her, leaving her with “superficial injuries,” Rowan said.

The 15-year-old was the one who called authorities, and her 19-year-old sister corroborated the story, Rowan said.

Dollar faces misdemeanor charges of simple battery and cruelty to children. He bonded out of Fayette County jail Friday morning

Dollar claims that he loves his daughter, one of five children. No word on the whereabouts or even the first name of the young woman who brought the charges of assault and battery.

The flashy megachurch pastor may be facing charges, but he is also facing the applause of hundreds, perhaps thousands of admirers and followers who seem to approve of putting the father’s putting his hands on the girl when all else has failed. Over the years, I’ve heard of the same approval given to someone who is close to or is committing child abuse because “(force) is the only thing that they seem to understand.”

No, they don’t understand. I think that it was a few years ago that it was found that teenagers go through a lot to mature, having to do with brain development and hormonal changes. It may not be painful to them, but it may well explain the defiance and contrariness of certain children who just don’t want to mind their parent(s).   However, there are other factors to consider as a NewsOne reporter pointed out yesterday.

Reasons used to justify the abuse have been:

1.) She hit him first.

2. ) She deserved it for being disrespectful.

Even though the police report clearly states that she did not hit him first and her so-called “disrespect” is completely subjective. (Click here for full police report.)

Personally, I find it reprehensible for anyone to condone the striking of a child in anger. There is no “divine purpose” — only religious doctrine, which as one of my friends so brilliantly pointed out is the same rhetoric which contains the “true story” of God ordering she-bears to viciously eat 42 children alive for calling Elisha “bald-head.”

As for the right Reverend Dollar, we’re talking about a man who said that he would murder church members — in the church — who didn’t tithe if he weren’t “covered in the blood of Jesus”…

Let me add the recent incident involving a man who kept striking his son with a thick belt because the boy couldn’t throw a baseball or play catch, and I think that you get my drift that actions and words done in anger on a child (no matter how old or how big) is not justifiable.  (Note:  the New Orleans youth who was videotaped being whipped by his uncle for bragging on Facebook that he was a killa and who later was found murdered was not a victim of child abuse in my estimation.)  Oh, yeah.  I am sure that Michael Taylor was shamed throughout the land, but not to the point where his uncle broke his spirit.

A parent—no matter how frustrated—must resist the urge to beat their children into submission (which is what I think Creflo Dollar tried to do) because studies have shown that such “discipline” does not deter teens.  Rather, some children become even more cunning and determined to get their own way—and they usually do.  Or worse, it encourages negative behaviors like low self-esteem, defensiveness, agitation and aggression, and depression.

Understand that when you use a biblical injunction to justifying your reasons to go beyond not sparing the rod, you’re taking the law into your own hands.  This isn’t the law of the harsh desert, where Abraham, Moses and Yahweh originated, where brutal retaliation can reign.  I note that some parents also use as a justification, “I brought you into this world, and I can take you out of it,” when it comes to their offspring.   Ah, no.   You cannot do that.  Such a justification comes straight out of slavery, where the master, his wife or his children could inflict anything he/they wished on a black body, because we were considered to have the minds of children, not mature adults and could not fend for ourselves.  Once we strayed out of infantilism, of course, that’s when the problems started.

 Teenagers may be second-class citizens in some respects, but they are increasingly capable of making adult, rational decisions.  That second-class citizenship does not mean that parents have the right to hurt, maim or kill their sons and daughters because they have minds of their own, or simply that they continue to express that they don’t like that they are being grounded.  Respect is a two-way street; you cannot alter how they feel or what they think to suit you.

Applying that particular biblical  injunction as well as that oft-repeated saying to today’s teens invites an even more messy situation, but like I said, some of the faithful are digging it.  I think they don’t know what they are cheering about.

Supporters are coming to Dollar’s defense on his Facebook page, telling the public to stop judging the pastor and expressing empathy as the parent of a teenager.

“I support my pastor fully! My 12 year old is already going through the terrible teens and I full understand how this situation can happen. Shame on the daughter for not following his word at no, then becoming combative and calling the police to embarrass her father. I will be praying that the get everything straightned (sic) out,” Leslie Ayo commented.


Hundreds of people have expressed their support for Dollar following Friday’s highly publicized incident.

“Pastor, I support you, because throught (sic) the Lord, you have taught me more about my walk with the Lord than anyone else. And we have to discipline our children no matter what anyone else thinks or believe,” said Janet Jenkins-Rodriguez on the Creflo Dollar Ministries Facebook page.

Wanda Espinosa also commented, “Stop Judgement (sic) on Pastor Creflo Dollar for he is a very good father and husband…We are Christians we need not Judge but let God take care of this…His daughter disrespected him when he told her she could not go to that party …teens are running wild with the thought that they could get away with everything in this world..he is just a father trying to protect his daughter.”

 Um, yeah.  Right. 

People should read that deputy’s report instead of playing telephone.  The girl was upset, was talking to an older sister to explain herself and what happened, and did not want to talk to her father after he followed her into the kitchen.  When she tried to leave the kitchen area, he grabbed her by the throat and neck.  Understandably, that’s when she tried to fight back.  It’s sometimes called a survival reflex.  This is called “disrespect”?

Creflo posted $5,000 bail and was released to his wife and another older child.  Sources say that he will not be prevented from having further contact with his daughter.  His older daughter, 19-year-old Alexandria, later clammed up and refused to cooperate with police, preferring to stand by her father’s version of events.

 And any bets as to how long it will take before the charges are dropped?  Or when Pastor Dollar has to take anger management courses?

Stay tuned.

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3 Responses to “Now It’s His Turn: Creflo Dollar in The Slam for Choking and Slapping His Fifteen-Year-Old Daughter Around”

  1. I may not agree with Creflos views, however I must applaud him as well as
    other parents of teenagers in todays media rich world. Ho assure that the police nether lays a hand on mineow is it that the
    police can discipline my kids and i can not?T


  2. When I was growing up, my father’s belt ruled when I was disrespectful, and rebelious. However my father wasn’t a minister, but disrespect and disobedience is why teenagers and young adults wind up in the slam themselves, because they refuse submission to parents, the girl should not have pushed Creflo to that extreme. It wasn’t until the State started butting in on parental means of punishment that children, teenagers and young adults started running wild and getting into trouble. Back in the 50’s and 60’s when I was growing up, you hardly ever heard of kids running so wild. The Bible is the rule book on every aspect concerning any situation of life.


    • The bible may be the rule book for you, but it is not the only book (holy or otherwise) in the world regarding how to raise children, particularly girl children.

      Some of these extreme Islamists have taken to even shooting and killing their American daughters over behavior that was to them, out of line. Like wanting to date a boy that was not Muslim. Or wearing clothing that they considered to be revealing, but according to our tastes, were not.

      Dollar crossed over the line. There are other ways.

      Who knows? That girl may need meds for her outbursts.


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